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One Order 66 Survivor Used Darth Vader Against The Empire

Jocasta Nu darth vader

Star Wars tie-ins have revealed Jedi Master Jocasta Nu survived Order 66, going on to even use Darth Vader himself against the Emperor. Jocasta Nu was hardly the most powerful Jedi Master, a scholar rather than a warrior, someone who possessed only the most basic lightsaber skills. She only had a brief appearance in the films themselves, in Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, where she displayed a tremendous amount of arrogance – telling Obi-Wan Kenobi that if the planet Kamino did not appear in the Jedi Archives, it did not exist. No doubt her confidence was quite shaken when Kamino went on to become so important to the Clone Wars.

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The Jedi of the original trilogy became increasingly martial as the Clone Wars went on, but Jocasta Nu was an exception; she remained at the Jedi Temple, ill-suited for combat and preferring to continue looking after the Archives. She made a few brief appearances in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which revealed another side to Jocasta Nu, a more motherly aspect to her character that meant she subtly encouraged Ahsoka – even nudging her to bend (but not break) the rules. Most viewers can be forgiven for assuming Jocasta Nu died when Anakin Skywalker attacked the Jedi Temple, but the truth is far different.

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In fact, tie-ins and comics have revealed Jocasta Nu was a lot more formidable than anyone had thought. Yoda was right when, decades later, he insisted wars do not make one great. Jocasta Nu was wise rather than powerful, and her insight made her the one Jedi Palpatine feared. As the Emperor understood, she had been responsible for the Jedi Archives, and she had familiarized herself with everything they contained – every secret of both the light side of the Force and the dark.

Jocasta Nu Knew Order 66 Was Coming

A deleted scene from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones suggests Jocasta Nu was a lot more receptive to individualistic, rebellious Jedi than fans might have thought from the theatrical cut. She was shown expressing admiration for both Count Dooku and Qui-Gon Jinn, Jedi who had trusted in the will of the Force rather than simply following the Council’s will (of course, in Dooku’s case that hadn’t exactly turned out well). According to Jedi: Fallen Order, in the years before the Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Eno Cordova had received visions of the fall of the Jedi, similar to those experienced by the ill-fated Sifo-Dyas.

Although the Jedi Council dismissed Eno Cordova, Jocasta Nu heeded his words and recognized the guidance of the Force. She broke with all protocol in attempting to secure the future of the Jedi Order by creating a copy of a Holocron in which the Jedi stored details of all children born with the potential to join their ranks. Jocasta Nu gave this list to Eno Cordova, who hid it away, a resource that would allow the Jedi Order to be rebuilt after the coming storm had passed.

It’s interesting to note Jocasta Nu took this action without authorization from the Council, suggesting not just a sensitivity to the Force but also an awareness that the Council had become so involved in galactic politics that they could no longer see the wood for the trees. When the storm eventually broke, when the Clone Wars began, Jocasta Nu must have recognized Eno Cordova’s vision was coming to pass. But despite all this, she appears to have kept her own counsel. She trusted in the will of the Force, confident she had already taken steps to ensure the rising Sith could never truly wipe out the Jedi.

Jocasta Nu Survived Order 66 – And Worked Against The Empire

Darth Vader Comic Reveals [SPOILER] Survived the Jedi Purge

Jocasta Nu somehow survived Order 66, escaping the Temple during the Jedi Purge. Palpatine knew there had been some survivors of Order 66 – as he told his apprentice in Darth Vader #6, “The luckiest, the deadliest, the strongest, those most duplicitous, willing to tell any lie to save their lives” had survived. The Emperor considered these survivors the greatest threat to the Empire, and he charged Darth Vader and his Inquisitors to wipe them out. He was correct to fear the Order 66 survivors, particularly Jocasta Nu, who had continued her mission to prepare resources for the return of the Jedi. She hid on a remote world, using her encyclopedic knowledge of the Jedi Archives to create a range of Holocrons that would guide new Jedi. And it is a matter of record that Jocasta Nu’s mission was not in vain, for those Holocrons were eventually found by Luke Skywalker years later.

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Once that task was done, once her new Archive – which she considered a Jedi School – was ready, Jocasta Nu knew she had one last mission. The original copy of the Holocron containing the list of children born with the potential to become Jedi was still at the Temple, and she feared what the Empire could do with that knowledge.

Jocasta Nu returned to the Temple, just when Palpatine had assigned Darth Vader himself to discover this Holocron, which she had hidden. She stole into the Temple using long-forgotten secret passageways, presumably the same ones she had used to escape Order 66. She actually, somehow, survived Darth Vader’s wrath long enough to purge the Archives. But a bio-scan conducted on Darth Vader told Jocasta Nu her enemy was Anakin Skywalker himself – and she knew she was outclassed.

How Jocasta Nu Used Darth Vader Against The Emperor

Jocasta Nu Manipulates Darth Vader

Jocasta Nu tricked the Clone Troopers guarding the Temple into attacking Darth Vader; they hadn’t been briefed on the Emperor’s new servant, and when they saw Vader’s lightsaber they assumed he was a Jedi. It only delayed Vader, though, and in her last moments of life, Jocasta Nu used the one weapon she had left; her knowledge. She first isolated Darth Vader by using his real name, Anakin Skywalker, in front of the remaining Troopers. The Sith Lord killed them all, not wanting his identity to become public knowledge. Even more remarkably, she manipulated Vader himself, convincing him the Emperor wanted the list in order to make rivals for Vader. Although she was slain – her fate was inevitable, given she knew so much about Darth Vader – she accomplished her goal, for Vader destroyed the memory crystal from the Holocron containing the list.

Jocasta Nu hadn’t quite divined Palpatine’s motives. He sought the children as part of Project Harvester, which he continued throughout the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign. On the planet Arkanis, the children Vader and the Inquisitors found were trained in the dark side, transformed into spies who could use the Force to peer across the galaxy. Project Harvester would probably have been a success if not for Jocasta Nu, but her intervention ensured the Sith did not possess that precious list. It remains to be seen what happened to the copy – that tale will surely be told in the sequel to Jedi: Fallen Order – but her school provided precious resources for Luke years later, and it is quite possible his students came from the copy of the list as well. Jocasta Nu had successfully manipulated Darth Vader against the Empire, and in doing so she had saved the galaxy from a terrible evil and secured the future of the Jedi.

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