‘Only Murders in the Building’ Will Return for Season 2

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Amateur-sleuths-turned-podcast hosts Mabel Mora (Selena Gomez), Charles-Haden Savage (Steve Martin), and Oliver Putnam (Martin Short) are still trying to figure out who killed Tim Kono (Julian Cihi) on Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building, but the three will now have another mystery to unravel at the Arconia.

Though only half of the Season 1 episodes are out, Hulu has officially renewed the comedy series for Season 2.

The first episode, “True Crime,” which debuted on the streamer in late August 2021, became the most-watched Hulu Original comedy premiere ever. Since then, fans and critics alike have largely praised Only Murders in the Building.

Keep reading to find out everything we know thus far about Season 2.

Hulu has officially renewed ‘Only Murders in the Building’ for Season 2.

On Sept. 14, Hulu confirmed that the murder-mystery comedy will return for a second season. The news arrived on the same day that the fifth episode, “Twist,” dropped on the streamer.

The Season 1 plot focuses on the aforementioned podcasting trio of Mabel, Charles, and Oliver, who all reside at the Arconia on the Upper West Side in New York City. They decide to investigate the mysterious shooting death of Tim Kono, and they determine that his killer lives in their building.

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Only Murders in the Building reflects the kind of creative excellence that is the hallmark of Hulu Originals,” Craig Erwich, the president of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals said in a statement, per Deadline. “Steve, John and Dan have created a uniquely captivating and entertaining series. The audience’s response to the delightful blend of mystery, humor and emotion in the show has been overwhelming and we can’t wait to follow this unlikely trio on their next adventure.”

'Only Murders in the Building'

Source: Hulu

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Karey Burke, the president of 20th Television, referred to the show as Hulu’s “crown jewel,” and she noted that the concept felt “fated” from the start.

In their respective statements, both John Hoffman and Dan Fogelman noted that the renewal news was “exciting.”

Their fellow co-creator, Steve Martin, shared his reaction to the news on his Twitter feed.

“We’ve been picked up for a second season!” he wrote on Sept. 14. “That means another year of dieting, weightlifting, and memory pills for Steve.”

His co-star, Selena Gomez, commented on the second season update as well.

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‘Only Murders in the Building’ co-creator John Hoffman hinted at the Season 2 plot before the show was renewed.

Before fans learned about the official Season 2 scoop, John Hoffman discussed where the show could go in an interview with E! News.

“At the end of episode four, we’re saying it, with a little bit of a tease,” John shared. “Cinda Canning is the one who holds the tease, [the] amazing Tina Fey.”

In the final moments of “The Sting,” Cinda is hosting another true crime series. She delivers a monologue which is meant to take place “a few months from now,” and it indicates that Mabel, Charles, and Oliver may have gotten too involved in their investigation.

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“‘What happens when your second chance becomes your last shot?’ is a line of dialogue from Brazzos, Episode 713, which prophecized what would happen 15 years later, when a fake detective decided to become a real one. When he and his true crime fan buddies took a second chance and became the subject of our next investigation,” she says. “Stay tuned for Only Murderers in the Building.”

'Only Murders in the Building'

Source: Hulu

It remains to be seen how exactly the trio will implicate themselves in the murder — and if Cinda’s ominous words are about Tim’s death, or if they are about another victim.

New episodes of Only Murders in the Building drop on Tuesdays on Hulu.

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