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Paramount Releasing Its The Lovebirds Straight To Netflix


While the Governments of every country decided to shut down every theatre due to the Coronavirus pandemic, every movie banner decided to postpone the release of their movies later this year. But Paramount is trying something new for the first time with its Lovebirds movie.

The rom-com drama starring Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani was due out in cinema on April 3rd, but as the COVID-19 horror disease is spreading it doesn’t seem like everyone is in the mood to watch the movies in a theatre. Therefore, for the first, we will see any huge banner film on Netflix.

Yes, Paramount Pictures will not be able to release the Lovebirds on theatre and shifting it to the digitally as they have placed the film release with Netflix.

Well, Paramount has already sent its 2018’s Annihilation (internationally) and The Cloverfield Paradox to Netflix. But The Lovebirds is one extraordinary movie that will release on Netflix. The company also announced on March 20 that they would also early release its Sonic on Netflix on March 31 and also delayed the theatrical releases for A Quiet Place II and Blue Story.

Not only Paramount, but Disney is also releasing its Onward movies on Disney+ on April 3rd, and the film would be in theatres on the same date if everything goes well.

As everyone is staying at home and having Netflix and Chill, we will also see Warner Bros’ Birds of Prey on March 24 while Universal is releasing Trolls World Tour on April 10. Along with site this, other movies like The Invisible Man, Emma, and The Hunt are on-demand and will get a release date soon.

Let’s wait and see how everyone is dealing with this Coronavirus pandemic. If everything goes alright, we will see every pending movie at the right time. But the situation is getting worst. So we are hoping for the best.

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