Patrick Star Lives Under a Rock, and ‘SpongeBob’ Fans Want to Know Why

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Sure, we have been at this time years previous after we realized that Patrick Star is clueless not solely as a result of he doesn’t have a mind, however as a result of he lives underneath a rock! It’s no secret that the creators of SpongeBob like their puns and wordplay — they set the present in a city referred to as Bikini Backside, a enjoyable nod to the adults watching the present. 

However there may be much more to their wordplay than we thought. One reddit consumer had a realization, “Patrick lives ‘underneath a rock’ and Squidward lives ‘in his head.’” 

The SpongeBob writers appear to be very intentional with all their jokes. Grownup jokes apart, we’ve got “Sandy Cheeks,” who lives in a literal bubble, or in the event you’re extra optimistic, a glass bubble the place she will break the glass ceiling. However the writers haven’t given us too many solutions concerning the intentions behind their puns. 

Are they there simply to be foolish, or is there a deeper which means?

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