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Patriots Vs Dolphins in AFC playoffs: Patriots Fall Down to No.3 after Last-Minute Loss

Patriots Vs Dolphins

AFC playoff between Patriots and Dolphins was a disaster as the game completely turned at the last minute. Well, nothing was easy for Patriots. Fitzpatrick got the Dolphins downfield by beating DeVante Parker for a 24-yard gain to get near the red zone. As it was 1:10 remaining, the quarterback, on third-and-5, hit Albert Wilson for a 7-yard gain. After the two plays, as there were only 35 seconds left, the fantastic hit by Fitzpatrick to the Isaiah Ford for an increase of four to finish the match with the first and final goal from the 5. It was breathtaking!

When only 24 seconds left, and the game was about to end, the Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki beat Patrick Chung for a 5-yard touchdown to give Miami a 27-24 win. Well, Patrick’s last effort from Tom Brady’s unit, gaining one first down, was very applauding, but his last and final pass with only 2 seconds left finalized the result with the Dolphins winning.

Ever since the 2009 season, the fall of Patriots to 12-4 is one the most surprising downfall these days as the team lost the No. 2 seed to the Kansas City Chiefs and will play as the wild-card. Now they will host the Tennessee Titans as the Titans took the final position in the final AFC playoff.

Well, the game start started with the Fitzpatrick with the 7-of-7 for 91 yards. In the second Miami drive, the veteran quarterback got the Dolphins to the 9-yard line in a 12-play 80-yard drive. And then the first incomplete pass of the day for happened by the Fitzpatrick on the third-and-8 play and lead the Miami kicker Jason Sanders hitting a 27-yard field goal at 1:38 of the first quarter.

Then the second quarter starts as the 10:31 with the Brady’s threw as an interception to Dolphins safety Eric Rowe, who ran 35 yards unharmed for the touchdown and the pick-6 saw the Patriots down, 10-0.

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At the 5:51 of the second quarter, N’Keal Harry dragged in a pass for 18 yards to set up a first-and-goal from the 7-yard line. So the Patriots took the game. But, Brady tried hard and did a great job by moving with a 50-yard pass play to Phillip Dorsett, which helped to make the final goal from the 6-yard line. And then after the two plays, Michel ran in for a 4-yard touchdown at 2:05 and made a new career-high as the seventh of the season. The game continued, and once the Patriots offense went three-and-out, the Dolphins took a 17-10 lead. Then the Fitzpatrick hit tight end Mike Gesicki for a 14-yard gain on third-and-5 to make a first-and-goal. Tom Brady considered the unlikeliest players as he threw to Roberts, who was wide open, broke an attempt and ran 38 yards downfield for the touchdown to tie the game, 17-17. Now the time reaming is 8:29 and the Miami leading with 20-17. But the magic was about the begin with 3:53 remaining as the Sanu made a nice 22-yard grab, on third-and-4, which gets the Patriots to the 10-yard line. So the Fitzpatrick stepped back at 3:53 remaining, and the result arrived with the complete stadium socked.

While the 3:53 remaining, Fitzpatrick stepped back on the field. It resulted in the Gillette Stadium falling dead silent and this 2019 season ending on a sour note for the Patriots. Let’s wait for the Patriots wild-card match with Tennessee Titans.

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