People Are Worried Jake Paul Has COVID-19, but Would It Really Be Surprising?

To this point, Jake hasn’t come out publicly about contracting COVID-19. That does not imply he does not have it, in fact. It does, nonetheless, imply that on the very least, Jake Paul threw a celebration with the information that he does not have a virus to probably go on to different folks. Does that make the social gathering OK? Positively not. Jake, and actually anybody who attended his social gathering, could possibly be asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.

They may have simply handed the virus to another person on the social gathering, who may then go it on to another person unknowingly. So even when Jake, to his information, does not have COVID-19, it is painfully doubtless that somebody from his social gathering may have had it. Not solely do movies taken by neighbors and party-goers present that nobody was correctly socially distancing themselves from one another at Jake’s home, however nobody was even carrying a masks to guard others from their germs.

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