Perez Hilton Got Banned from TikTok, and He’s Begging to Know What He Did Wrong

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Perez additionally shares that he bought an e mail from his contact at TikTok, who defined that the 42-year-old was being banned for a number of group guideline violations together with harassment, bullying, nudity. 

“I don’t submit nudity on TikTok!” he says within the video. “The one factor I can consider is, when individuals make movies about me with my guide [2020 memoir TMI: My Life in Scandal], holding my guide, I’ve duetted them, and my guide cowl includes a facet view of me that exhibits some glute, however you don’t see my entire butt, and it’s not nudity.”

He cites one other instance: “Like, final week or the week earlier than, inside the previous few weeks, I shared on TikTok a video of this man who has misplaced a variety of weight and posted a shirtless TikTok, and I … made a video that includes that man as a result of I used to be so impressed by him, and TikTok took the video down for nudity. And I appealed it, and so they reviewed it, and so they nonetheless determined that it was nudity, despite the fact that it was a shirtless man.”

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