Plagiarism Allegation Against Cardi B Leads to Internet Break for the Rapper

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Dela maintained her plagiarism claims, and stated that Cardi was nonetheless making an attempt to deflect. “Beginning a report in January doesn’t imply you completed that report in January. I clearly wrote this the day earlier than you debuted it the web [sic],” she wrote on Twitter. “I didn’t hear the part of the tune THAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT. I’m additionally not listening to by any ‘CLOUTS’ within the verse.”

The combat continued, with Cardi mocking Dela’s rebuttal, sharing the video of “Clout” once more. “You clearly have been LISTENING TO RESPOND & not LISTENING TO COMPREHEND,” Dela replied. “The lyrics from CLOUT are virtually IDENTICAL to my lyrics in Thotiana. So, you genuinely proved nothing to me.” 

Cardi ended it with a tweet providing a goodbye to Dela.  “You posted your lyrics on the opposite submit it stated February 6, my lyrics are from January ninth. Goodbye sweety your DISTURB [sic]. Clout chase from someone else. CLOWN now go do a video about THAT!” she wrote. Then, Cardi stated that the combat had been enjoyable. “I’m getting off the web for a pair days see ya once I see yaaa,” she added. 

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