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Planet-Size X-Men Preview Offers First Look At Stunning New Era


The Planet-Size X-Men #1 preview offers a look at the new X-Men team of Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Sunfire, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch, and Polaris.

Marvel Comics released a first look at Planet-Size X-Men #1, which shows us the new X-Men team, and unveils two new variant covers for the game-changing issue. Planet Size X-Men #1 is a one-shot that takes place during the Hellfire Gala and introduces a brand new X-Men team. The 48-page issue is written by Gerry Duggan (Deadpool, Nova) with artwork by Pepe Larraz (Uncanny AvengersHouse of X) and colors by Marte Gracia (The Amazing Spider-Man, All-New X-Men). Planet-Size X-Men #1 will serve as an introduction to the super team that will go on to be in the upcoming relaunch of the X-Men series this July, which features the same creative team.

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Cyclops and Jean Grey, aka Marvel Girl, were the characters behind the creation of the new X-Men team, but they weren’t the sole people responsible for creating the makeup of the team’s roster. The members of the new X-Men team were decided via a vote by Krakoa citizens, and real-world readers were able to vote on who the final member of the team would be. The final roster includes Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Sunfire, Rogue, Wolverine, Synch, and Polaris (who won the poll over characters like Armor, Banshee, and Forge).

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The Marvel Comics press release shares a four-page preview of Planet Size X-Men #1  and two new variant covers. Both variants put Storm front and center (despite her recently announcing she is going solo): the first is a lone image of her by Olivier Coipel (The LegionThor) and the second is a team shot by Terry and Rachel Dodson (Generation X, X-Men, Harley Quinn). The press release promises that this one-shot will be “the most important issue of the month” that “opens yet another chapter in the world of the mutants.” It’s also an exciting first look at the new creative team who will be revamping the series.

Planet-Size X-Men #1 Variant Olivier Coipel
Planet-Size X-Men #1 Variant Terry And Rachel Dodson
Planet-Size X-Men #1 Preview Page 1
Planet-Size X-Men #1 Preview Page 2
Planet-Size X-Men #1 Preview Page 3
Planet-Size X-Men #1 Preview Page 4

The preview pages show us a cavalcade of characters outside of the new X-Men team who are paramount in the Marvel Universe, including Captain America. With the abundance of previews lately showing the happenings of the Hellfire Gala, it’s interesting to see the world outside of fashion faux pas and hurrahs. While other titles such as MaraudersX-ForceHellionsExcalibur, and X-Men take part in the Hellfire Gala event, this title branches out to establish the bigger goings-on in the world at large where the new X-Men are concerned.

It remains to be seen how well the team will work together, both in terms of saving the day (for Krakoa at least) and the fan reaction. How long the team will stay like this remains a mystery, but for X-Men fans, for better or worse, Planet Size X-Men #1 marks a momentous occasion in the universe of X-Men that will be changing the landscape of the future comics. The book will be available on June 16, 2021.

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