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Poison Ivy Has a Brand New Name In DC Comics

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DC’s Poison Ivy has been slowly leaving her villainous past behind her, and now she has a new name to complement her newfound heroism.

Warning! Spoilers for Catwoman #31

Poison Ivy may have an extensive criminal record, but her actions in recent years have been increasingly less evil. Now, a subtle change to the character’s name in Catwoman #31 seems to imply that DC will finally admit Poison Ivy is a hero.

Recent issues of DC’s ongoing Catwoman series by Ram V and Fernando Blanco showed that Poison Ivy was being kept as a kind of art piece by the creepy Mr. Roy. When Selena – who has also been on something of a hero streak lately – hears about Pamela’s predicament, she formulates her own Star Wars rescue mission to save her friend. With Catwoman’s unique skillset, the heist goes off without a hitch. However, being kept in the containment vat for so long evidently did something to Poison Ivy’s mind, seemingly affecting her speech and thought process. The changes, while initially startling, may actually be for the best.

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After rescuing Poison Ivy, Selena brings her to a safe house to recover. Before long, her strength returns, though her personality remains much more…bubbly. Indeed, this new, friendlier Poison Ivy actually rejects her old name when Selena uses it, saying, “No poison…just Ivy.” Ivy can also seemingly sense and emulate the emotions of those around her, not unlike Mantis from Guardians of the Galaxy. These empathic abilities go nicely with Ivy’s kinder new persona, though it’s unclear if they will be permanent.

Dropping the “poison” from her name tracks well with how Ivy’s character has behaved in recent years. While the character was once one of Batman’s deadliest enemies, she’s since inched her way into anti-hero territory. Now, it seems Ivy may become a full-blown hero. She was, after all, the one responsible for creating the Gotham City sanctuary in the post-apocalyptic DCeased series, which saved countless lives. In fact, Ivy’s motivation has always been to protect the environment, which is a cause most can get behind. The issue was that she seemed to value the lives of plants over people and would often use cruel methods in the name of environmental preservation. Now that she’s toned that down, however, Ivy makes for a natural hero – in more ways than one.

It’s unclear if any of these changes to Poison Ivy’s character will stick if her mind is restored. It’s possible that the “poison” part of her was permanently destroyed, leaving just the good-natured Ivy behind, but perhaps both personas will persist, essentially making Poison Ivy two characters in one. As cool as that would be, it’s a question only time will answer.

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