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Pokemon Go Incense not working (Quick Fixes)

Pokemon Go Incense Not Working Bug

Is Pokemon Go Incense not working? Worry not, we are there to assist you!! Keep scrolling the page and find out the quick fixes.

We all are aware of the popular gaming app Pokemon Go that combines the real world with gaming. This game is turning youngsters crazy as it uses the GPS location and clock of the user’s device and makes Pokemon appear on their phone screen (or we can say around them using Augmented Reality). It also allows users to catch Pokemons appearing around them. 

If you are a Pokemon Go addict, you must have heard about Pokemon Go Incense, a tool or item on the application that lures or attracts the Pokemon to the users’ location. Once you activate this incense its effects last for up to an hour. This is a cool tool as it allows users to catch many Pokemon at a time and sometimes even special or rare ones also appear on screen due to the incense effect.

Sometimes due to some sort of bugs or issues, the incense feature may stop working, so dear readers no need to worry, here in this article we will be telling you how to quickly fix if the Pokemon Go Incense not working both on the Android and Apple device and also share some other cool & exciting information about incense. So without any delay, let’s get into the details!

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What is Incense?

Incense is the most useful tool in Pokemon Go that spawns Pokemons near the user’s locations for an hour. This tool works best and comes to trainers’ rescue when they can’t move from or leave a particular place. Due to the effect of the incense, the users can catch one pokemon per minute or 200 meters if they are moving, and one pokemon every five minutes if they are standing still. 

Whenever you enable the incense feature you will see a pink-colored aura created around the trainer and the Pokemon who are lured by the incense. Users cannot obtain this powerful tool from a PokeStop rather they can get it after reaching certain levels or purchase them from the shop option available on the app in return for Pokecoins. Here you will find various options, you can choose the one according to the Pokecoins available with you, 80 Pokecoins for one incense, 500 Pokecoins for a set of 8, or 1250 Pokecoins for a pack of 25 incense sticks. 

Types of Incense

Niantic offers two types of Incense Sticks, i.e., Green and Orange. The job of both the incense is to attract Pokemon to the user’s location but, the Orange Incense attracts special or rare Pokemons. Orange incense is not available on the app shop separately, rather the green incense automatically changes its color to orange during events. 

Now you must be wondering what type of events are we talking about? So, Niantic hosts various Incense Day Events, and if you become a participant of the event your Green incense will turn to Orange, and now you can catch the Pokemons that are associated with the in-game event. 

How to fix or find the solution of Pokemon Go Incense Not Working Bug?

Imagine you are going to take part in an event that will enable you to collect rare Pokemons, you have activated the incense feature on your mobile app and you have orange incense but suddenly you figure out that the incense feature is not functioning due to irritating bugs available on the mobile app. It can also be devastating when you have crossed various levels to get free incense, and you reach to find it not working. 

No worries, Pokemon Go users, we have got an easy fix for the Pokemon Go Incense not working bug. 

How to fix the Pokemon Go Incense bug on Apple iOS?

Pokemon Go Incense not working might be because of the time settings of the user’s phone device. The incense feature works best when the phone is on ‘Automatic Time’ mode. To enable the ‘automatic time’ option and fix the bug, follow the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Click on the ‘General’ option.
  3. Either scroll to find the ‘Date & Time’ option or type the same in the search bar.
  4. Tap on it, and a window will appear where you will find, ‘Set Automatically’ option.
  5. You will find a button at the right of this option; click on it to turn it green.

Now you can enjoy a seamless experience of catching Pokemon on your Apple device.

How to fix the Pokemon Go Incense bug on Android?

If you are an Android user and Pokemon Go Incense not working on your device due to various bugs present in it, then follow the below-mentioned steps to solve the issue and catch Pokemons seamlessly.

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ or ‘Systems’ option on the device.
  1. Click on ‘Date and Time’
  2. You fill two options, ‘Automatic Date & Time’ & ‘Automatic Time Zone’.
  3. Click on both of them to turn their grey button blue. 

Final Words

After reading the above article you must have known the power of incense in Pokemon Go. This powerful tool enhances the excitement of playing this AR-based game. It gives users the experience of Pokemon being in the real world and the users catching them. The idea of this game is to encourage users and trainers to move around the world and catch as many Pokemons as they can. 

So if you are among those, who haven’t still played this exciting game, then what are you waiting for? Go to Play Store on your Android device or Apple Store on an iOS device and download Pokemon Go for free. And if you face any trouble regarding Pokemon Go Intense not working then, simply follow the above-stated points and enjoy catching Pokemon. 

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