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Porsha Posts Pic with New Fiance Simon Amid Controversy


The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams has decided to post a few pictures with her new fiance, Simon, even amid the controversy.

Porsha Williams of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has decided to post a few pictures with her new fiance, Simon Guobadia, even amid the controversy. No matter what the haters are saying, the reality star is determined to make her own happiness.

Williams is no stranger to controversy, thanks to her time married to Kordell Williams, her numerous feuds, and now her new man. The mother of one has grown immensely throughout the years as she recently became an activist. Long ago were the days that she didn’t understand that the Underground Railroad was a figure of speech. She had worked on her anger issues and embraced the “girls just want to have fun” mentality.

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Bravo fans were afraid they blinked and had missed the moment where Williams crossed paths with her friend and co-star, Falynn Guobadia’s husband. Since the two have announced that they were engaged after only a month of dating, fans have had to put in their two cents. While numerous theories have been shared, Williams and Guobadia don’t seem phased in the least, as they post some updates on their daily life together.

In the set of new pictures, Williams can be seen sitting next to her soon-to-be husband. It looks like the couple is out at a club enjoying their engagement bliss. Both are all smiles as they cuddled into one another. The reality star captioned the post with, “Ima stick beside him.” However, Bravo fans still can’t shake the feeling that this relationship is a ploy for a storyline as the network announced she was given a three-episode spin-off. Last they heard of Williams; she was working on herself and being a single mother after deciding she didn’t want to get back with Dennis McKinley. Fans are hoping the engagement and celebrations were caught by Bravo cameras. 

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But just because Williams seemed happy and unmoved doesn’t mean most of her followers agreed with her new choice of spouse. The comments section was filled with criticisms and a few well-wishers, with many feeling that she can’t really know her fiancé that well in such a short period of time. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her motives have been under a microscope since the announcement. It is interesting to note that Guobadia is an oil tycoon and film producer and is said to be worth $40 million.

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