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Prince Charles Gay Or Straight? Can You Tell Me His Gender………

Prince Charles Gay

Members of the British royal family are subjected to intense scrutiny. The consequences can be devastating at times. (Consider Princess Diana as an example.) But more often than not, they are just ridiculous. The decades of tabloid headlines that have attacked the royal family from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles through William and Kate serve as a prime illustration.

The rumor that Prince Charles is gay has persisted for quite some time. Where did all of those tall tales come from? This person or people just won’t leave! Also, even if the account were genuine, what difference would it make? I’ll tell you what you have to know.

If Prince Charles Were Gay, Would That Make A difference?

Let’s ignore the fact that there’s zero proof Prince Charles is gay or bi (or anyone has a right to know the specifics of his personal life). If Charles were gay, would it make a difference? The gossip magazines would love it. Charles, though, “looks socially liberal enough to grasp that these charges are not, despite the frightening hoopla behind them, very harmful at all,” as reported by The Independent. Maybe he knows that in the modern world, only bigoted homophobes see hints of homosexuality as offensive.

Prince Charles Gay

One Quora user notes, “All three of the Queen’s sons had their sexuality questioned at one time.” For example, “Andrew’s marriage broke down, so of course, he must be gay.” The Independent reports that the coverage of the rumors “tells us much more about the sexuality of the people pursuing the vendetta than it does about the sexuality of the people who are the vendetta’s supposed victims.” Since Edward has worked in the show business, we may safely assume he is gay. Charles did not develop intense feelings for a woman with whom he had few interests. In other words, he’s gay too. If you are interested and want to know another celebrity’s sexuality, click these links John Elton, Clint Eastwood, Jonathan Knight and Tim Malcolm.

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Prince Charles Did Not Fall In Love With Princess Diana

Except for his brother, Prince Charles, Diana was universally adored. Prince Philip tried to steer Charles in the direction of proposing to Diana or ending his contact with her and Charles felt forced to follow his father’s advice. One of the first questions asked of Charles and Diana when they met the press to announce their engagement was whether or not they were in love. According to Charles, “in love” can mean anything. The video has been viewed by many as proof of Charles’ coldness toward his new bride.

Their marriage may have been doomed due to their significant age difference and lack of shared interests. People adored “the people’s princess” and Charles’s alleged lack of romantic interest in Diana only fueled speculation about his sexuality. The fact that Charles and Diana are separated does not prove that he is gay. The affair between Charles and Camilla was a significant reason for the separation.

He Was Rumoured To Have Had An Affair With Valet Michael Fawcett

In 2003, Prince Charles became the subject of a scandal. George Smith, a valet, accused Michael Fawcett, a valet, of sexual abuse. Additionally, Smith claimed that Prince Charles had an affair with Fawcett. The Guardian reported that the crisis began when Smith made his rape allegation public. However, he mentioned in that account “an occurrence involving a member of the royal family and a servant.”

The royal rumor mill soon connected the dots. And The Mail on Sunday intended to publish the Charles-related piece. According to The Guardian, “His Royal Highness’s approach was published and damn the consequences”; he rejected the claim. However, he did not attempt to prevent the paper from publishing it.

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Prince Charles Gay
Prince Charles Gay

Fawcett, however, tried everything possible to prevent the journal from posting the tale. This attracted publicity, which made the story even more significant. Various versions of the story have appeared and disappeared from the covers of tabloids over the years. However, there is no evidence to support it.

The Rumor Coverage Is Slanted Toward Homos*xuality

It’s not just you if you think the tabloids’ coverage of Charles’s s*xuality often comes out as homophobic. When the Fawcett scandal broke, “the nature of the claim brought certain journals’ archaic notion of s*xuality to the fore,” as Slate explains. “The Sun stated the whispers couldn’t possibly be genuine since ‘Charles may be blue-blooded, but he is also a red-blooded male,’” the newspaper adds.

An American tabloid published a story in 2016 claiming that Charles had been caught having an affair with a man. The tabloid also somewhat claimed that Prince William and Kate Middleton were so ashamed that they “disowned” their father Charles after learning the news.

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