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Prologue: A new game from PUBG creator announced at The Game Awards 2019

PlayerUnknowns Prologue

The creator of your favorite game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) Brendan Greene announced a new game “Prologue” at The Game Awards 2019 which was held at the Microsoft Theater, LA, USA. Brendan Greene is often known as his online name “PlayerUnknown” which rendered his name to this popular mobile game and right now he is considered to be one of the biggest figures in the gaming universe.

PUBG, which was released two years ago to the mobile platform, became a huge success in the Battle Royale Game. PUBG made this genre very popular among the players and then several other games like Fortnite, Garena Free Fire, and more. At one point, Fortnite garnered so much popularity that PUBG tried to sue Fortnite for some reason. But many believe PUBG was unable to provide new features and smoothness regularly which were provided by Fortnite and that made Fortnite even more popular than PUBG in this genre. The data also showed that PUBG might have lost around half of its players between January to May 2018.

At the Game Awards 2019, a 30-seconds teaser of this new game from PlayerUnknown Production was released. The gamers have already given this game a new abbreviation “PUP” (PlayerUnknown’s Prologue). The teaser of the Prologue shows a first-person view of a person in the middle of a jungle with a stormy environment. We hear the thunder rumbling, the panicking breath of the person, and dog barking in the background then the teaser ends. Some of you may think this is a new game similar to PUBG or even PUBG 2 but Greene told in April 2018 that he was done with this genre and he wanted to try some new ideas in the games. So Prologue is not the Battle Royale game but an original concept.

The official site of the game – describes this new game on its homepage as “Prologue is an exploration of new technologies and gameplay. Our aim with this game is to give players unique and memorable experiences, every time they play.”

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Greene created his own game production house named PlayerUnknown Productions which is part of PUBG Corp. He said at the announcement that this studio is created with the ambition of experimenting, exploring and developing new technology. “With the prologue, we are raising our first step forward building new technologies and interactions that will help develop our ideas” he added. One of the reasons behind the diversion of Green form PUBG could be the lukewarm response of the game in PS4 release and the Xbox launch also showed a similar response. Moreover, the game is one of the controversial games and it has been banned in countries like China and even India has some similar behavior to the game after some kids died playing the game.

However, PUBG is still one popular Battle Royal game worldwide and it sold over 50 million copies within the year of its release for the Windows version. Brendan thinks the magic that PUBG has created among the gamers won’t be recreated with his new project but he said he wants to explore new things. Well, the release of Prologue has not been revealed yet but Greene assures that it will be launched after new-gen PlayStation and Xbox arrive in the market.

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