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PUBG: New State Will Release on November 11 in More Than 200 Countries

PUBG: New State that was declared in February has received over fifty million pre-registrations on Android and iOS. The pre-registration begins for the game globally following the announcement of the game. Krafton mentioned at its event that was live-streamed on YouTube. According to this, PUBG: New state will be presented as a free-to-play mobile game in seventeen different languages globally.

Set within the year 2051, the New State will bring a next-generation battle royale expertise to mobile devices. This may embrace all-new rendering technology. Also, it has a fighting system that is touted to be on par with what’s obtainable within the computer version of PUBG: Battlegrounds.

There’ll even be next-generation graphics, the corporate teased. Rather like the first PUBG: Battlegrounds for computer-associated consoles, PUBG: New State are developed by PUBG Studios.

It’ll embrace new maps and improved gameplay.  The New State inherits the core of the PUBG IP and can have an aggressive growth on the world market, aforementioned Krafton chief operating officer CH Kim, in a statement. Krafton will still produce games that are enjoyed by players across the world.

We’re committed to supplying associate swollen expertise supported by the assumption that games will become the foremost powerful style of media.

Artistic Director Daehun Kim is aforementioned that PUBG: New State is geared toward pushing the battle royale genre forward through original gameplay options that include. However, don’t seem to be restricted to, weapon customization, the drone store, and a singular player enlisting system.

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The game will carry four unique maps, as well as the future-set Troi and franchise staple Erangel. It’ll also receive usual updates to offer new content, still as improved gameplay and a season-based service centered on gameplay balance and fun, the manager aforementioned.

Krafton can actively communicate with gamers and supply stable game services by establishing 9 international service hubs, said business Head, Henry Chung.

To limit cheats on PUBG: New State, Head of Anti-Cheat Unit at PUBG Studios, Sangwan Kim, said that Krafton would ban the utilization of unauthorized programs, emulators, keyboards, and mouse. They also actively try to find and prohibit hacks.

The corporate is additionally claimed to closely analyze and review community feedback that’s secure to be mirrored through in-game updates.

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