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R Pokhriyal Announces Cancellation of CBSE Class 10th Exams and Reschedule of CBSE Class 12th

Cancellation of CBSE Class 10th Exams

The world was under tremendous pressure last year at this very moment of time due to the worldwide spread of the hazardous Corona virus. People passed the year 2020 by cursing it that the year itself was not good at all. But the blasphemy which has started from the starting of the year 2021 is also not at all less. Slowly and steadily the world has come under the attack of the second wave of deadly virus.

Cancellation of CBSE Class 10th Exams

Countries have started taking measure for it in prior but the number of people getting infected from the widespread of the virus has been increasing day to day. As a result , the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the CBSE board exams of class 10th would be cancelled and that of the class 12th would be postponed. The decision came after the Prime Minister had a meeting with the Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank. The Education Minister  stated that the 12th class board exams of CBSE which were scheduled on 4th may to 14th June have been postponed.

The sudden surge in the number of cases of Covid have been continuously rising in the country ever since the month of March has started. Thinking in safeguard of all the students and teachers who are going to be present at the exam centres, the decision was finally made by the central government. The main reasoning that the vaccination of the students and that of the teachers has yet not been started which opens them to even more risk.

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The cases have been rising to a whole new extent in the second wave as well. The state which has been contributing the most to the rise of Covid cases in the present times is the state of Maharashtra. more than 60,000 cases have started to be reported from the state even after the guidelines being strictly applied over there. The conditions have become alike to that of the lockdown which took place in the last year.

The Prime Minister  of the country stated that the safety of the students is of top priority and the care which needs to be given at this moment of time would be definitely provided. The examination of class 10th would be held in objective mode , whose detailed information would be given out by the board itself. Whereas, the examination of class 12th would be rescheduled soon by keeping the present situation in close condition so that it could help in the curbing of the hike of the cases at present moment.

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