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Ranking Each Horse-Like Pokémon By Strength

Seadra Best Horse Poke mon

When on the quest to catch all the Pokémon, it’s important to know which ones are the strongest versus the weakest. From Horsea to Rapidash, horse-like Pokémon come from all types, including ground types, water types, electric types, and fire types. Because of this, each one has different stats, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s important to note that looks can be deceiving in some instances; some of the least intimating Pokémon might actually be some of the strongest. With many generations of Pokemon to play, it can be difficult to keep tabs on the strongest ones.

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Whether players calculate strength my carrying capacity, speed, stamina, or battle abilities, here is an overall ranking of Pokémon’s horse-like creatures of both land and water, and the strengths each possess or lack.

9 Horsea

Horsea swimming in the Pokémon anime

Introduced in the premiere generation of Pokémon, the Horsea is one of the oldest Pokémon in the franchise. Modeled after a seahorse, this creature is water-type dragon Pokemon.

When ranking horse-like pokemon on a scale of strength, the Horsea, though incredibly cute, is rather weak — especially when compared to its later evolutions as well as other Pokemon like Rapidash or Mudsdale. Of course, it’s not a traditional horse, but it does have horse in the name.

8 Mudbray


Mudbray is the Donkey Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Mudsdale. Though this Pokémon is small, it is incredibly sturdy and can carry cargo over fifty times its own weight.

Leaning into its donkey inspiration, the Mudbray is strong-willed and stubborn, and also enjoys playing in mud and eating dirt. If players value sheer strength and the ability to carry large cargo, Mudbray is a great Pokémon, though when it comes to battle or attack moves, this stubborn creature is rather lacking.

7 Blitzle


Blitzle is known as an electrified Pokémon and this species uses the electricity from its mane to communicate with other Blitzles. Originating in the fifth generation, this Pokémon is reminiscent of Ponyta, but rather than having a fiery mane and tail in a pale palomino pony color, Blitzle looks like a zebra with electricity being discharged from its mane and tail.

Though similar, Blitzle is not as strong as Ponyta. In fact, Ponyta’s stats are nearly twice that of Blitzle.

6 Seadra


Seadra Best Horse Pokémon

The first evolution of Horsea, the Seadra is the middle ground between the cute Horsea and the exceedingly strong and impressive Kingdra. The Seadra hearkens to its real-world inspiration: the sea horse; the creature’s spine is used for protection and with its tail, it must attach itself to something (like coral) while sleeping.

Using moves like “Sniper” and “Poison Point” this water-type Pokémon does its best to hold its own in a battle. Though, if they’re up against a grass type or electric type Pokemon, such as Zekrom or Roserade, it is not likely that Seadra would win that fight.

5 Ponyta and Galarian Ponyta

Released in the first generation of the Pokémon franchise, Ponyta is one of the first creatures to come to mind for players when they think about horse-like Pokémon. This iconic Pokémon is commonly referred to as the fire horse Pokémon and the pre-evolution of Rapidash.

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The Galarian Ponyta is a Unique Horn Pokémon psychic type iteration of Ponyta, and if players look objectively at the creature’s stats both versions of the Pokémon are rather comparable. Galarain Ponyta does however have the ability “Pastel Veil” which protects its allies from being poisoned, just like the Galarian Rapidash.

4 Zebstrika

Zebstrika Cutest Pokémon

Not quite as powerful as Rapidash, Zebstrika is the evolution of Blitzle. This electric type Pokémon is known as a thunderbolt Pokémon and carries the physical characteristics of a zebra rather than an actual horse. Zebstrike also has a flair for drama; when not tamed, this Pokémon also shoots lightning from its mane.

Zebstrike’s Motor Drive ability allows the Pokémon’s speed to increase if it is hit by an electric attack. Donning lightning-like speed and the power to boot, this Pokémon is definitely on the stronger side in comparison to Pontya or Horsea.

3 Rapidash and Galarian Rapidash

Neesha, Rapidash and Vileplume in Pokemon movie

Rapidash is an exceedingly competitive Pokémon with intense acceleration. This first-generation Pokémon is iconic. Much like Ponyta, Rapidash is one of the most famous horse-like Pokémon. As far as speed is concerned, this is one of the fastest Pokémon out there with a heart for racing. With its ability “Run Away” Rapidash, who seems to be aptly named, can outrun a wild Pokémon. It can also take the fire moves that it has been targeted with and use them to charge it’s own attacks.

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The Galarian Rapidash is a psychic fairy-type version of Rapidash in Sword & Shield. This version of Rapidash is a Unique Horn Pokémon and has the ability “Pastel Veil” which protects its allies from being poisoned, just like the Galarian Ponyta.

2 Mudsdale

Mudsdale from Pokemon Sun and Moon

The Mudsdale Pokémon is a common Pokémon featured in the Sun and Moon games. It evolves from the Mudbray Pokémon. Seemingly created after the real horse breed, the Clydesdale, the Mudsdale Pokémon is a pretty strong creature. With its large body and muscular legs, the Mudsdale can be used as a mount, as well as in a battle.

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Part of having incredible strength is also being able to have long-lasting stamina, and this Pokémon is one of the best because it can carry a great amount of weight for long distances.

1 Kingdra

Kingdra Pokemon

The final evolution of Horsea, the Kingdra is perhaps the strongest of the horse-like Pokémon. Across the board, its abilities exceed the others.

From speed to attack and defense, this final evolution of the seahorse inspired Pokémon is one to rival even the Mudsdale. The Kingdra’s strength is very fluid; seeing that the Kingdra is a water type and the Mudsdale is a ground type, this makes sense.

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