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Resident Evil Village Demake Video Imagines It As PS1 Game

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A YouTuber has “de-made” the trailer for Resident Evil Village, reimagining the game as a PlayStation 1 title. The results are extremely unsettling.

Only one day after Resident Evil Village’s release, a YouTuber has released a reimagining of the game’s trailer in the style of a PlayStation 1 game. Bringing a game’s graphics and audio down a few generations is commonly known as creating a “demake” among retro gamers and has become an increasingly popular market. This increase in popularity stands to reason; after all, the more advanced video games become, the more opportunities arise to make new games look older. Despite this, demakes are most commonly made to emulate much older consoles such as the PS1, N64, Super Nintendo, and so on.

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One of the more popular demakes in production that will actually be available to play is Lilith Walther’s PS1 demake of Bloodborne. For the past several months, Walther has been posting videos of the demake as it progresses and tapping her Twitter and YouTube followers for feedback. Platinum Games, the developer best known for Bayonetta and for reviving the Nier series, has also gotten in on the demake fun. If one finds themselves on a “404 Page Not Found” page of the Platinum Games website, the user is treated to a playable 2D demake of Bayonetta, complete with keyboard controls.

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In Hoolopee’s demake video, seen here courtesy of GameSpot, the demake in question is simply a visual representation of what Resident Evil Village’s trailer would look like if the game were on the PS1. Strangely enough, the difference in graphical quality somehow makes the game look even more terrifying. For example, the people living in the titular village have incredibly blurry faces, making it difficult to discern their expressions. The village’s monsters look equally horrendous due to how impossible it is to make out exactly what they are supposed to be. Finally, Lady Dimitrescu has the most detailed face out of any character, but her completely static facial expression hearkens back to intimidating creatures like Twisted Metal’s Dollface.

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The amazing job Hoolopee has done with this demake trailer is not surprising when considering the full roster of videos on his YouTube channel. In addition to this latest Resident Evil video, he has also rendered characters from The Simpsons in horrifyingly realistic detail and created a demake video showing what Halo Infinite would look like on a Nintendo 64. He’s also recreated Silent Hill in virtual reality and created a trailer for Death Stranding in the same PS1 style as this latest Resident Evil video.

What’s most interesting to note with this Resident Evil Village trailer is how much more unsettling the imagery is when viewed in a lower resolution. Gamers who grew up with the original Resident Evil games may remember thinking that the games would look even more horrifying once graphics evolved. However, while that was true, the evolution of technology has also gifted the gaming community with new perspective. Whether intentionally or otherwise, going back and viewing character models from older console generations can be unnerving. Early 3D models–particularly facial models in games like GoldenEye–were extremely primitive and definitely do not hold up today. Luckily, the community will always have members like Hoolopee to remember how far games like Resident Evil Village have come since the good old days.

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Source: GameSpot, Hoolopee

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