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Resident Evil Village Mod Makes Lady Dimitrescu Taller

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There is a Resident Evil Village mod on Nexus Mods that makes Lady Dimitrescu, the vampire countess known for being absurdly tall, even taller.

A mod is now available for Resident Evil Village that makes the legendarily tall Lady Dimitrescu even taller. Given the popular internet meme of fans fervently admiring the 9′ 6″ vampire countess, it was only a matter of time before someone took things to even greater heights.

When Capcom first showed off Lady Dimitrescu during the RE Village marketing cycle, fans immediately gravitated toward the remarkably tall figure. As a result, the character became the unofficial mascot for RE Village and drove a lot of the marketing hype in internet circles. Even Maggie Robertson, the actress who plays Lady Dimitrescu, was surprised to see how much players gravitated toward her character before and after the game’s release. Indeed, Lady D is only one of the Four Lords who comprise the main cast of villains, so it was by no means obvious that fans would choose to focus on her in particular.

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As reported by PCGamesN, user xRaq has uploaded a Resident Evil Village mod to website Nexus Mods that makes Lady Dimitrescu even taller. The mod – simply titled Taller Alcina Dimitrescu – doesn’t specify exactly how much taller she becomes, but she appears to be at least a few feet taller in the accompanying screenshots. This would put her height well over ten feet. For reference, the Master Chief in his iconic armor is roughly 7′ 2″ tall. As an in-game reference, Lady Dimitrescu’s hat almost brushes the ceiling in some castle hallways with the mod installed. In the main castle foyer, it looks like her head could hit the golden chandelier.

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The developer notes that Taller Alcina Dimitrescu isn’t affected by other mods that alter her appearance, a feature that leaves room for some hilarious combinations. However, xRaq states in the comments that Lady D will still clip through doors and other objects with this mod installed, as it simply alters the height of her character model. Though that fact is unfortunate, it appears this mod is meant to be simple, straightforward, and to the point; fans can simply enjoy being chased through a castle by the tallest iteration of the iconic character to date.

Few could have imagined such a meme would be part of the zeitgeist surrounding Resident Evil Village, yet it certainly is. RE Village has already become a critical and commercial success, and interest in Lady Dimitrescu certainly played a role in the latter. As fans anticipate the possible rollout of post-game content for RE Village, it’s up to the modding community to keep interest high and players engaged in whatever new, hilarious, and exciting ways they can.

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Resident Evil Village is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Stadia.

Source: xRaq/Nexus Mods, PCGamesN

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