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Returnal’s Dead Scout Glitch & More Fixed In New Patch


Developer Housemarque has deployed Patch 1.3.7 for Returnal, an update that addresses the Dead Scout glitch and a few other lingering issues.

The latest update for Returnal, Patch 1.3.7, is now live, addressing a slew of issues like the Deceased Scouts glitch that many players have encountered. Returnal’s Dead Scouts underscore the mind-boggling narrative that players are dropped into, as the remains represent previously downed versions of protagonist Selene.

They often prove significant to gameplay progress, too, since players who find them can either scavenge the bodies or track down whatever beast dealt the killing blow. Scavenging requires Ether and results in resource rewards that can help craft new items. Those who successfully hunt and slay the killers of Deceased Scouts receive Ether, which itself is useful for scavenging scouts and cleansing Malignant objects. Thus, these eerie corpses of Selene constitute a critical part of the gameplay experience, which explains why so many fans expressed frustration upon learning that Deceased Scouts weren’t appearing as frequently as intended.

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Fortunately, Housemarque has addressed the scout-related error and a few other Returnal glitches in the rogue-lite’s newest update. Patch 1.3.7 goes live today on PS5, ensuring Deceased Scouts pop up initially as intended. The patch also tackles an issue whereby users who scavenged a scout would later boot up the game and receive a “negative-effect parasite.” In addition, today’s update resolves a rare audio bug, fixes hiccups that cause players to get stuck in certain rooms, and eliminates rare gameplay crashes.

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It seems Returnal is becoming more stable with each patch Housemarque deploys, a far cry from the early post-launch days in which updates caused troubles on top of the ones they were designed to eliminate. But one issue continues to weigh down the experience like an albatross – the lack of an autosave function.

The development team acknowledged fan requests for the feature shortly after the game’s release late last month. However, the absence of a more reliable save system no longer seems a matter of design choice; rather, Housemarque has admitted that it’s uncertain as to whether or not such a function is capable of being implemented at all. This revelation disappointed many a fan, but there are countless others who may stay clear of the title altogether if a solution never sees the light of day. Hopefully, the crew finds a way to overcome this particular obstacle.

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Returnal is available digitally and at retail for the PlayStation 5.

Source: Housemarque

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