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Reynhard Sinaga: Britain’s most prolific rapist sentenced to lifetime imprisonment

Reynhard Sinaga

He is thought to be “Britain’s most prolific rapist.” Many news channels are showing CCTV footage where he is shown to find his latest victim. He looked for young men made vulnerable by drink. One his victim called him a monster lurking in the shadows. He is Reynhard Sinaga, a mature student convicted of assaulting 48 men, suspected of attacking four times that number (approx 190).

Mabs Hussain, Assistant Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police called him “Britain’s most prolific rapist.” He added “his offending, we suspect has taken place over a 10-year period. We believe as approximately 190 victims in total and 48 of them have supported a prosecution and have been incredibly brave. In addition to that, there are approximately 70 that we are yet still to identify.”

Sinaga would use kindness to lure victims to his flat. Men left on their own following a night out whom, he promised to help by charging their phones or calling a cab. Most of them have no memory of what happened inside. He used to give them drinks spiked with the “date rape drug GHB” before assaulting them. He used to film all the things that he did to his victims and it was only when police found those videos that the victims even knew they had been attacked.

In a statement to the court, one man said “I remember the day the police contacted me. It is a day I will never forget because it changed my life forever.” Another said “I was totally shocked, embarrassed, betrayed, and very angry… he has massively abused my trust in humanity.”

Lisa Waters from Saint Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre said “Some men were very distressed by what they had occurred and we have had some men who have thought about taking their own lives. It has been really quite challenging to keep them safe but also makes sure that they have the appropriate support.”

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Possessions, such as phones kept as trophies by Sinaga, helped police to identify victims and provide that support. But with so many unidentified the true scale of his crimes may never be known. As the man described by the judge as “an evil predator” begins at least 30 years in jail.

Sinaga moved to England from Indonesia for further study at the University of Manchester. One of his classmates from the University of Indonesia said CNN “He never misbehaved. He never even treated his friends with disrespect. That’s why the news was such a shock to all of his friends.” She added all of the things might be changed after he moved to England.

Sinaga was only caught when one man woke up while being assaulted and got away with one of the phones that had filmed so many of the crimes. Sinaga had managed to get away with it for more than two years, at least, because of the potency of the drugs he had given his victims. Now GHB is currently a Class C drug and following this case the Home Secretary has asked an independent panel to review whether the controls on it a tough enough.

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