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RHOP: Every OG Housewife & Their Most Iconic Scene

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When The Real Housewives of Potomac premiered back in 2016, the six OG cast members cemented their spots in pop culture history. Eighty-nine episodes later, and the ladies of Potomac are still going strong. The OG cast members paved the way for the show’s success, blazing a trail of memorable scenes ranging from hilarious to dramatic; sometimes, it’s a combination of the two.

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Fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes of RHOP, but it’s impossible to forget about the legendary scenes that have led up to this point. Here are the most iconic scenes from each of the OG cast members.

6 Karen Huger – The Wig Shift

Karen Huger smiling at the camera

Karen’s most iconic moment from the show is also one of the funniest scenes from the entire franchise. In Season 3, the ladies were working on getting to know their newest castmate, Candiace. She invited the women to a game of bubble soccer, followed by a barbecue meal catered by Candiace’s husband’s restaurant. The first issue of the day presented itself when the women realized there were no napkins for the barbecue. The second big problem of the day was Karen’s wig.

As the sun beat down on her head, Karen’s wig started to shift. She was mid-sentence, and hilarity ensued as Karen feverishly tried to get the wig back into place. Watching Karen fumble with her words and her wig was absolutely hilarious. And, looking back on the moment, Karen recognizes just how funny it was. In an interview with Bravo, she said, “I have to say, my picnic wig shift was monumental, and it will go down in the history books as one of the best wig saves ever.”

5 Ashley Darby – Confronting Michael Darby

Ashley Darby

Throughout the last five seasons, Ashley’s been involved in a lot of drama. In Season 5, things really went south when her husband, Michael Darby’s indiscretions came to light. Not only were there alleged “compromising” pictures floating around of him in a hotel room with another woman, but Candiace also heard a rumor that Michael was bragging about having both a wife and a boyfriend. Ashley’s most iconic scene is the moment that she confronted her husband about the shocking accusations.

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During a dinner, Ashley fearlessly addressed the rumors. She heard the brutal truth about how her husband occupied his time away from their family, and fans were on the edge of their seat waiting to see the outcome. Michael was clearly uncomfortable, and he broke the fourth wall asking the producers if they could stop filming. Many reality stars try to hide their dirty laundry from TV, whereas Ashley willingly put it all on the show for the world to see. It’s one of the many reasons that fans appreciate her presence.

4 Robyn Dixon – Juan Dixon Is Not Here


At the Season 5 reunion, Robyn unwittingly became a meme and scored her most iconic moment. During a heated exchange with Monique Samuels and her husband, Chris, Robyn got fed up and shouted, “I am so glad Juan Dixon is not here right now.” And, then she said it again, and again.

Juan Dixon was not around at the reunion because he had a basketball game to coach. But the way Robyn delivered the line over and over, getting a little louder each time, left some fans feeling like maybe Juan was secretly waiting in the wings, and Robyn was expecting him to come swinging in to save the day. Of course, that didn’t happen, and the reunion moved on without even acknowledging Robyn’s words. Still, the moment will forever live rent-free in the head of every Housewives fan.

3 Charrisse Jackson-Jordan – The Champagne Room

Charrisse Jackson Jordan

Part of the fun of The Real Housewives is seeing their over-the-top luxury on full display. In Season 2, Charrisse fully committed to showing off her wealth by converting an unused office space into a custom “champagne room,” which she eagerly showed off to her friends in a grand reveal.

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So what exactly is a champagne room? Charrisse showed off a glamorously decorated space in her mansion decked out with over 100 bottles of her finest champagne. A chandelier decked out with Swarvoski crystals intended to look like champagne bubbles illuminated the room. Charrisse spent more on the champagne room than most people spend on their mortgage, and it was quite the spectacle to see her showing it off. There was no huge argument, no drinks or shade thrown, just an iconic display of wealth that showed Bravo fans that Potomac can be just as luxurious as any other Housewives city.

2 Katie Rost – Standing Up To Gizelle

Katie Rost from RHOP

In Season 1, Katie came face-to-face with Gizelle and her shady behavior. Gizelle continuously made digs about Katie and her lifestyle. Instead of backing down or waiting for the reunion to confront Gizelle, Katie pulled her aside in the middle of a group outing to set the record straight.

Katie firmly addressed Gizelle while maintaining a calm demeanor. She explained the problem in less than 60 seconds and told Gizelle never to let it happen again. While Gizelle is usually unwilling to back away from a feud, Katie effectively and succinctly shut it down, leaving Gizelle no choice but to concede. It was an iconic moment for Katie because she showed the world that she’s not one to mess with and that Gizelle can be put in her place when the message is delivered correctly.

1 Gizelle Bryant – Disrupting The Press Conference

Gizelle Bryant at dinner

To this day, Gizelle and Karen’s ongoing love-hate relationship keeps fans entertained. They’re constantly one-upping each other, throwing shade, and making subtle jabs. In Season 3, Karen held a press conference (with no press) to address the rumors about her and her husband’s tax problems. Although this should have been Karen’s big moment to clear the air, Gizelle managed to steal the scene.

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Throughout the entire press conference, Gizelle refused to listen to anything that Karen had to say. Karen took the situation super seriously, but it was clear that Gizelle was just there for laughs. When she got up to leave, she removed her jacket and revealed a custom-made t-shirt that just twisted the knife into an already struggling Karen. The front of the shirt read “#GodBlessTheHugers,” and on the back, it said “#FreeKaren,’ “#FreeUncleBen,” and “#TaxReform.” Although fans felt bad that Karen was dealing with such a dire situation, Gizelle’s over-the-top antics stole the show and made for a hilariously shady and iconic reality TV moment.

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RHONJ: Every OG Housewife & Their Most Iconic Scene

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