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Rick and Morty’s Interdimensional Cable Exists in the Marvel Universe

Rick and Morty Marvel Comics Interdimensional Cable

In Marvel’s Heroes Reborn event, the Speedster Supreme Blur needs his own version of Rick and Morty’s interdimensional cable to beat a villain.

Warning: contains spoilers for Heroes Reborn #3!

Marvel’s Heroes Reborn just revealed that a version of Rick and Morty‘s interdimensional cable exists on their world. The Squadron Supreme’s speedster Blur – a character Marvel uses as a pastiche of DC’s Flash – is so hyperactive and alert that he watches dozens of television programs at the same time, including illegally pirated cable from different dimensions. This mystic upgrade is similar to the one Rick Sanchez has achieved with his advanced technology, but that’s not the only similarity between the two. Rick’s knowledge of the multiverse and genius intellect grant him a perspective not dissimilar to that of Blur, whose rapid responses and magical expertise make him ready for any challenge.

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When the Smith family can’t agree on which show to watch in season 1, episode 8’s ‘Rixty Minutes,’ Rick destroys the cable box and replaces it with his own, which has access to television programs from across every conceivable dimension. The episode shows all sorts of programs ranging from television shows to commercials and even interviews with their multiversal doppelgangers. This would return in season 2, episode 8’s ‘Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,’ with weird shows from every possible reality entertaining Rick while the Smith family await Jerry’s fate in an intergalactic hospital.

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In Heroes Reborn the Marvel universe has been warped beyond recognition, with an unseen force changing Marvel history so the Avengers never became heroes. The Squadron Supreme have filled their void as the Earth’s signature superhero team. In ‘Race Through the Dread Dimension’ from Heroes Reborn #3 – created by Jason Aaron, Federico Vicentini and Matt Milla – Blur, aka Stanley Stewart, narrates what it’s like to be him, living every minute in high velocity while juggling his responsibilities as the World’s Fastest Mortal. Thanks to his studies in the mystical arts, he is able to configure a mystical hack which allows him to watch the livestreams of a dozen dimensions at once while being able to focus on the many other activities he accomplishes at the same time.

Heroes Reborn Interdimensional Cable Blur

Although Rick and Blur acknowledge they do this for entertainment, their ability to access interdimensional cable also says much about their personalities. Each has seen the impossibilities of the multiverse, and Blur uses his access to other realities to expand his consciousness and remain aware of dimensional forces others overlook. Although Stanley is disconnected from normal life, he is able to figure out how to defeat the Silver Witch thanks to his appreciation of the multiverse, when he’s able to harness mystical fauna to take down his foe. Able to travel through time and access other dimensions, Blur sees what others don’t, turning an immature, boorish man into one of Marvel’s most versatile heroes.

Rick and Blur have both seen things that would destroy normal mortals, and while they use their interdimensional cable as a welcome break from their eventful lives, it also symbolizes the different priorities of someone who’s always five steps ahead of those around him – whether figuratively or literally. Heroes Reborn is continuing to explore the danger of heroes whose priorities are more selfish than Marvel’s regular heroes – a topic that Rick and Morty has likewise shown it’s more than comfortable diving into.

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