Robin Williams’ Old Bit About Joe Biden Makes Us Wish He Had Created Trump Material

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Solely 5 years earlier than the late Williams handed away, he did an HBO particular about how “we nonetheless have nice comedy on the market,” and he proceeded to make use of “rambling Joe Biden” as his first instance. On the time, Biden was Vice President to Barack Obama, however in mild of Biden’s newest, um, “slip-up,” the clip has change into related as soon as once more … and as you possibly can think about, it is gone completely viral on Twitter. 

In traditional Robin Williams trend, the 30-second video clip definitely is not “politically appropriate” in any method, form or kind, nevertheless, many have re-posted it anyway, discovering it to be critically relevant to the Democratic candidate’s newest controversy. 

“There’s at all times ramblin’ Joe Biden… what the f–k. Joe says s–t that even folks with [Tourette syndrome] go, ‘No,'” the comic stated in his stand-up routine.

Williams continues the bit, basically evaluating Biden to some kind of drunk uncle, implying that the politician wants a bit bit of additional steering when he goes off on these horrendous and seemingly incoherent tangents. Check out the clip under if you have not already watched it. 

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