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Ronnie Is Stepping Away From the Show Following Arrest

Ronni on Jersey Shore

Ronnie will be stepping away from filming for Jersey Shore for the unforeseeable future. He will be seeking medical help for psychological issues.

Ronnie Ortiz Magro will be taking some time away from filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation following his recent arrest. With his newfound time, Ronnie will be focusing on bettering himself as well as receiving help for his battle with mental illness. Ronnie has been apart of the franchise since the original series start in 2009.

Ronnie was arrested in April on accounts of domestic violence allegations. He has a history of domestic violence incidents, specifically with his ex and baby mama Jenn Harley. This time around, Jenn was not involved in the altercation. Instead, Ronnie’s girlfriend Saffire Matos was on the receiving end. Ronnie was taken into custody in Los Angeles before later being released on $100,000 bail. He will not be facing any felony charges.

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Following his latest arrest, fans have been pleading that MTV fires Ronnie from the show. They fear for the safety of those around him as well as his toxic behaviors being glorified with a hefty paycheck. Now, TMZ has reported that Ronnie will in fact be taking some time away from filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. In the past, Ronnie has continued to be a part of the show despite the many personal issues he was dealing with in his life; however, this time things are different. Ronnie will not be partaking in any filming for the show in the near future. It is unknown if his time away from the show will in fact be permanent or just temporary.

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Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast

With his newfound time, Ronnie will be working to better himself as a person. His attorneys, Scott E. Leemon and Leonard Levine, released a statement on Thursday touching on the status of Ronnie’s well-being. Ronnie is currently seeking medical treatment for psychological issues. This is the main reason he will not be a part of filming for the show. Ronnie has allegedly spoken with the head team at MTV regarding his leave to seek help to which they were all in agreement. They feel that Ronnie has ignored these issues for far too long and it is time he receives the help that he desperately needs. In his attorneys’ statement, they explained that Ronnie’s main goal is to not only better himself as a person but as a father to his 3-year-old daughter Arianna Sky.

Earlier this week, the first trailer for the upcoming season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation was released. During the short teaser, Ronnie was completely cut out from all clips despite Deena Cortese claiming that the entire family was back together. While Ronnie did in fact film for the new season, it is unknown if production will cut the scenes that he is a part of.

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