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Saffire Matos Returns to IG Following Ronnie’s Arrest

Jersey Shore Saffire Ronnie

Saffire has made her return to both Instagram and everyday life since Ronnie’s recent arrest. She posted a series of photos to her Instagram Story.

Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz Magro’s girlfriend Saffire Matos has returned to social media following the couple’s latest domestic violence incident. Saffire spent the last few days pampering herself with a fresh set of nails and a facial as well as trying to bring in new lashes clients.

Saffire’s return to social media comes nearly two weeks after Ronnie was taken into custody on account of domestic violence allegations. When news initially broke of Ronnie’s arrest, fans questioned whether Saffire or Ronnie’s ex Jenn Harley was involved in the incident. Jenn’s new boyfriend Joe soon confirmed that Jenn was not involved. Law enforcements later revealed that Saffire was in fact the one who called for help after a heated argument turned physical. Ronnie was released the same day on $100,000 bail.

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Just a few days after Ronnie’s latest arrest, both he and Saffire took to social media to release individual statements regarding the incident. While Ronnie thanked his real friends, Saffire claimed they were doing just fine. She has since been quiet on social media. Now, Saffire has finally returned to Instagram with a series of Instagram Stories. Saffire encouraged her followers to direct message her on Thursday if they were interested in scheduling a lash appointment with her. She later showed off her fresh set of light pink nails which featured a white design. Saffire also posted her first selfie since the domestic violence incident. Although she looked to be in good spirits, she has yet to post anything to her actual feed.

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After tagging the salon in which she received a facial from, Saffire was thought to be home in New York; however, on Friday, she shared a photo of palm trees. This led fans to believe she flew back to Los Angeles, where Ronnie currently resides. While these few stories were Saffire’s return to Instagram since releasing her statement following the altercation, she has not fully stayed away from social media. Earlier this week, Saffire allegedly posted a Tik Tok video bashing Ronnie for taking advantage of the way she treated him. In the since-deleted video, Saffire called him out, claiming that she stuck by his side when everyone else told her to run. The video continued on to say that she even loved him when he was not very lovable. Fans called the short video immature and petty.

Since the latest drama surrounding Ronnie and Saffire occurred, Jersey Shore fans have been pleading that MTV fire Ronnie from the show. They fear for the safety of Saffire as well as any other woman Ronnie may become romantically involved with in the future. Ronnie too has stayed mostly quiet on social media aside from releasing his statement days after his arrest. Neither Ronnie nor Saffire have removed any photos together from their social media accounts; however, Saffire did in fact turn off the commenting function. The current status of Ronnie and Saffire’s relationship is unknown.

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