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Sailor Moon: 10 Most Touching Friendships


Many anime are known and remembered for the amazing friendships between the characters. One anime that stands out from the pack in terms of the quality of the relationships in the show is Sailor Moon, which has some of the best female relationships in all of anime.

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The Sailor Guardians are all different people with their own unique personalities and backgrounds, but they are all united in their fight against the enemy and to protect Sailor Moon. They each develop unique relationships with each other and Sailor Moon, and these relationships are what have defined the anime for legions of fans.

10 Makoto And Ami

Ami and Makoto dance in Sailor Moon episode 147

Most Guardians have pretty wholesome friendships, but that is especially true for Makoto Kino (Jupiter) and Ami Mizuno (Mercury). Prior to befriending Usagi and the others, Ami kept to herself and was a target of bullying due to her intellect, while Makoto was teased due to her height and tomboyish demeanor.

After learning about their identities, Ami and Mako quickly become good friends who always look out for each other. When a group of boys begins spreading a rumor that Ami is cheating at school, Makoto doesn’t hesitate to protect her friend and stand up to the boys. In the episode “Destined Partners? Makoto’s Innocence,” Makoto shares that no one has ever asked her to dance because of her height, and Ami in turn asks Mako to dance with her. These two always know how to make the other feel understood and seen.

9 Chibiusa And Hotaru

Chibimoon and Saturn in episode 171 of Sailor Moon

One reason Sailor Moon S is one of the most popular arcs among fans is due to the growing friendship between Chibiusa (Chibimoon) and Hotaru (Saturn). The complexity and darkness of Hotaru’s character find their foil in Chibiusa’s optimism and extroversion, and as a result, both girls develop and grow thanks to their heartwarming friendship.

Plagued by seizures and often ridiculed by classmates, Hotaru is a lonely girl. She believes even the cheerful Chibiusa will be pushed away after witnessing her condition, but Chibiusa accepts Hotaru for who she is, and that creates a bond lasting bond between the girls. Both Chibiusa and Hotaru possess darkness in their hearts, and their deep understanding of each other is what saves Hotaru and essentially the world.

8 Rei and Minako

Minako, Rei and Usagi confront Shakoukai in Sailor Moon episode 37

Given the abundance of symbolism in Sailor Moon, it’s no wonder that Rei (Mars) and Minako (Venus) became friends. Their planets respectively symbolize the masculine and the feminine, and their Greek counterparts, Aries and Aphrodite, are lovers in ancient mythology. While the ’90s anime positions Rei as being closer to Usagi, the manga puts a special emphasis on Minako’s and Rei’s friendship.

Similar to Hotaru and Chibiusa, the element that makes this relationship touching is the understanding shared between these two fierce warriors. During Silver Millennium and Crystal Tokyo, Sailor Venus is the commander but often relies on her second-in-command, Sailor Mars. These two headstrong women are deeply devoted to Usagi, and through their sense of duty, the two Guardians develop a bond based on support and compassion.

7 The Inner Guardians

The Inner Sailor Guardians face off with Kunzite in Sailor Moon episode 44

For many fans, one of the most influential displays of female friendship is demonstrated by the relationship between the Inner Guardians; a friendship that survives death and lasts for generations. The force guiding the Sailor Guardians is love, love for their princess, each other, and the world they fight to save.

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The Guardians repeatedly sacrifice themselves to save Usagi, and she in turn does the same. The Guardians selflessly follow each other into battle knowing full well that together they can overcome anything, and this iconic friendship is arguably one of the most touching in the series.

6 Naru And Usagi

Naru talks to Usagi in episode 87 of Sailor Moon

Fans often express disappointment at the handling of Naru’s character; while Naru loses screen time over the course of the series, her friendship with Usagi is still an integral part of the anime.

In the first season, as Usagi is learning to navigate her powers and dealing with her fear and anxiety about her newfound powers and responsibilities, she needs a reason to learn to be selfless. Having a best friend who is constantly targeted by the enemy gives Usagi an incentive to learn to be brave. By putting her friendship with Naru before her fears, Usagi starts to recognize her own potential and begins to embrace her role fully.

5 Rei And Usagi

Sailor Mars consoles Sailor Moon in episode 45

In the manga, Rei is shown as being distant from the other Guardians due to her obligations as a shrine maiden, but in the ’90s anime, Rei and Usagi develop a sister-like relationship. While Rei and Usagi often fight with one another, beyond the surface level bickering lies a relationship based on trust and sacrifice.

Usagi brings out Rei’s goofy side, and Rei helps Usagi to find the courage to stand up for herself. Rei swallows her feelings for Mamoru upon finding out Usagi is the Moon Princess, and Usagi gives her Moon Stick to Rei because she trusts her to follow the plan to save Mamoru no matter the consequences. For all their disagreements, Rei and Usagi accept each other fully and would do anything to help and protect the other.

4 Usagi And Minako

Usagi, Minako, Artemis and Luna in Sailor Moon episode 39

Usagi and Minako are like sisters who were separated at birth, and their similarities go beyond just physical appearances. Video game obsessed and always late, both Minako and Usagi have no problem hitting it off, but it’s their differences that serve to develop their relationship into something truly meaningful.

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Usagi takes time to get accustomed to her leadership role, and she isn’t naturally confident in her abilities like Minako, who exudes confidence in everything she does. With her fearless attitude and love for Usagi, Sailor Venus doesn’t hesitate to act as the decoy Princess in the manga, and once her identity is revealed, she coaches Sailor Moon and helps her discover her trust in herself.

3 Makoto And Usagi

Jupiter protects Usagi in Sailor Moon episode 171

While tough on the outside, Makoto is quite feminine in her hobbies and also rather sensitive. She is the physically strongest of the Guardians, and this is demonstrated early on in the manga when she leaps in to save Usagi from walking into oncoming traffic.

Similarly, in the ’90s anime, Makoto shows off her fighting skills to rescue Usagi from a gang of brutes, while later on her talent for cooking wins Usagi over right after they share a bento during lunch at school. The most indicative moment in their friendship may be in the episode “For Love: the Endless Battle in the Dark World” when Jupiter goes to great lengths to shield Usagi from Queen Nehalennia’s attacks.

The two become friends before Makoto is revealed to be Sailor Jupiter, and though their friendship isn’t as flashy as some of the others, it is also one of the most stable and secure relationships in the series.

2 Haruka And Michiru

Haruka examines Neptune's wounds in Sailor Moon episode 106

Almost always seen together, it’s undeniable that Haruka and Michiru’s relationship is one of the closest in the franchise. In the ’90s anime, after Michiru wakes herself up to her destiny as Sailor Neptune, she knowingly watches Haruka from afar. Even though Haruka is slower to accept her identity as a Sailor Guardian, she could not deny that there was a connection between her and Michiru from the moment they met.

Michiru helps Haruka come to accept herself as Sailor Uranus, and from that point on, the two are almost inseparable. They are always present with one another and do not take any time spent together for granted. As Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, the two are dedicated to each other above all else and are unafraid to follow each other into even the most dangerous missions.

1 Ami And Usagi

Sailor Mercury and Eternal Sailor Moon confront Aluminum Seiren in episode 185

Reserved and studious, Ami is the complete opposite of Usagi, but because of their shared ability to accept others, their friendship becomes one of the strongest in the series. Ami is the first person to learn of Usagi’s identity as Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mercury is the first Guardian Usagi meets. They are the first to share the experience of being a Sailor Guardian, and this shared experience naturally bonds them together right away.

When Rei picks on Usagi in the anime, Ami is often the one to stand up to Rei. Meanwhile, Sailor Moon is extremely protective of Sailor Mercury, especially after almost losing her in the early chapters of the manga. Their complementary dynamic and relentless support of each other make Ami and Usagi a wonderful example of friendship.

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