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Samsung Internet App Update Brings It Closer To Apple’s Handoff

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Handoff is one of the best reasons to use an iPhone and a Mac together. Samsung just got one step closer to copying the feature for Galaxy devices.

Samsung is taking inspiration from Apple with its latest update to Samsung Internet, adding a new feature that allows people to continue browsing sessions across different Galaxy devices. It’s basically the same thing as Apple Handoff, and while it may not be the most creative feature addition, it should also be a welcome add-on for Samsung fans.

Apple devices on their own are great, but the real magic lies in how they work in harmony with each other. A prime example of this is Handoff. Handoff allows people to open an app on one Apple device, and with a single click or tap, open it up on another Apple-branded gadget right where they left off. Let’s say someone is browsing emails on the Apple Mail app, starts composing an email, and decides they want to finish it on their Mac. They can head to their Mac, click the Mail app with an iPhone icon next to it, and the Mail app on the Mac opens up exactly where the person was on their iPhone. This also works for Apple’s Safari web browser, Apple Maps, Reminders, and more — and works vice versa. For example, someone can start browsing a website on their Mac, tap the Handoff icon on their iPhone, and pick up at the exact spot they were on the Mac.

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No other tech company has been able to match this level of interoperability across its devices, but Samsung has been determined to get as close as it can. In a blog post announcing Samsung Internet 14.2 Beta, Samsung unveiled an update to its ‘Continue apps on other devices’ feature — essentially Samsung’s version of Handoff for its Galaxy devices. While ‘Continue apps on other devices’ itself isn’t new, this beta update improves an existing feature that brings it one step closer to how Handoff works. Now when people use the feature to open Samsung Internet from another Galaxy device, it’ll open the web page at the exact spot they left off. Previously, this would open the web page at the very top even if someone had scrolled down to a different part.

How To Use The New Continue Apps Feature For Samsung Internet

Samsung's Continue Devices feature on a Galaxy phone

To try out the updated feature, users first need to download Samsung Internet 14.2 Beta from the Google Play Store. Once that’s done, set up Continue Apps by opening the Settings app, tap ‘Advanced features,’ and then enable the toggle next to ‘Continue apps on other devices.’ Now, it’s time to make sure everything is working.

Open Samsung Internet on one Galaxy device, go to a website, and then scroll down the page a bit. Grab another Galaxy device, find the ‘hands-off’ icon, and then tap it. Once the website loads, the page should automatically scroll down to wherever it was left on the first device. Samsung notes that this automatic scrolling doesn’t work “on dynamically loaded content” or for websites that are locked behind a login, so keep those limitations in mind when using it.

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