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Samsung officially unveils its latest Galaxy Smartphone after a series of leaks

After a series of leaks related to the Samsung Galaxy S11 that revealed a set of features about the new model, its makers have finally confirmed its latest smartphone. Brought to light by the XDA-Developers, the South-Korea based smartphone manufacturing company has made a public revelation of the Samsung Galaxy S11 with details provided within its application sent to the CCC in China. Furthermore, the company disclosed the exact number for its latest model along with the headline that confirmed its features such as fast charging.

As confirmed by Samsung, this model listed by the number SM-G9860 shall house a 5G feature that will set an unprecedented bar for the smartphones to be launched in the year 2020. With a series of rivals planning to upgrade their existing flagships to the 5G technology along with Apple’s wide-band support, Samsung’s latest variant will give it a sweet chance for tough competition against its contenders.

As per the second disclosure made by the company, the news is a bit dissatisfying. The smartphone maker revealed that its Galaxy S11 should possess support with maximum speed for charging set at 25W. Even though this is actually an upgrade from the standard 15W speed with Galaxy S10, it could decrease its popularity among the buyers given the fact that its contender Note 10 Plus comes with a 45W charging speed.

It is speculated that Samsung might have plans to upgrade the charging speed for the higher version Galaxy S11 Plus. However, with its major rivals such as Honor, OnePlus, as well as Huawei in the scene offering phones that come with a 40W+ capacity for charging, it is actually surprising to note that Samsung has actually been so unambitious with its Galaxy S11. This news also confirms the presence of Samsung’s revolutionary battery tech, which might not make it to its latest model.

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That being said, Samsung is surely trying out its luck with different features such as the potentially groundbreaking hi-tech camera that has been codenamed as “Hubble.” The camera comes with an extreme capability for zooming-in on the subject. Additionally, the camera will feature better shooting modes and revolutionary design. With performance upgrades, a supersized sensor for fingerprints, bigger batteries, and a next-generation memory, the Galaxy S11 will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

More details are soon to arrive on this model for the buyers interested in purchasing the same.

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