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Sara Gore Dishes On How Show Has Grown Over 13 Seasons

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Sara Gore is the host of the long-running show, Open House. In an exclusive interview, she shares how she has watched the show evolve over 13 seasons.

Since 2007, Sara Gore has hosted Open House NYC and she has watched as it expanded out from the New York area to explore homes all across the country in Open House. Over 13 seasons, Sara has seen firsthand how the show grew from an idea to a popular “television comfort food” program that has even attracted the attention of A-list celebrities. In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, Sara shared how the show has evolved over the past decade and what she hopes viewers get from watching it.

Sara said she has been “in thousands of homes over the years” and has gotten to show viewers so many unique homes that she feels is an invaluable experience. Sara also shared one of the most surreal moments on Open House, which is when they did a piece touring the set of Liz Lemon’s apartment from the wildly popular sitcom, 30 Rock. She said that “Tina Fey was such a huge fan of Open House,” and like many other viewers, called it her morning ritual.

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She said one of the things she has loved seeing on the show is “the endless possibilities that we have available here” and jokingly added that it always makes her want to move. The show has not only inspired viewers, but Sara herself as she has gotten amazing design tips from all of the homes she has visited and said it has inspired her to think outside the box. She added a key lesson she has learned from over a decade of doing the show, that “we all have different needs and desires, and your home is a reflection of that.

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On how the shown has grown, Sara says she thinks “the show has consistently been that peek into how your neighbor lives, taking you behind doors to give you a sneak peek.” Sara also said that what she loves about the show is how they are always trying new things and showing extraordinary homes. She cited one of the most unique and least conventional homes on the show, a food truck transformed into a tiny home, as a way that the show has branched out over the seasons.

Sara has gotten to travel a great deal to do the show, with episodes featured in New Orleans, Charleston, Puerto Rico, and even Hawaii. She said the show has taught her “about different architectural design in different areas that are key to a certain place.” She has seen how a wide array of people live, and it has shown her just how different homes can be, saying “one is not better than the other; it’s what’s right for you.”

Sara is also happy exploring her home state of New York, saying that she loves “everything that there is about New York and New York real estate, and I just look forward to continuing the show and exploring new homes.” She is looking forward to how Open House will continue to grow and show viewers diverse homes across the nation, giving them design inspiration and a half-hour of escapism, in future seasons.

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