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Saw 10: Everything We Know So Far

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Spiral, the ninth installment in the Saw franchise, is about to hit theaters and here’s everything we know about the potential follow-up Saw 10.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw is already primed for a sequel, but what do we know about Saw 10 so far? In a recent interview with ComicBook, star and producer Chris Rock hinted at a sequel for Spiral, while ProductionWeekly listed Saw X as a project in active development. Even though the film hasn’t been officially announced yet, it’s a fair bet the gory series is ready to add another film to its ranks.

So far reviews for Spiral have been mixed, but this has typically been the case for Saw movies. After a disappointing reception to 2017’s Jigsaw, which aimed to restart the franchise after a seven-year break, fans thought that might mean the end of the long-running saga. Now, Spiral is attempting a soft reboot of the franchise, giving audiences a different perspective in hopes of revitalizing interest in the well-traveled series.

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The future of Saw 10 seems to rely heavily on the reception to Spiral, according to Rock. If the reboot does well, the actor and comedian says he would be open to working on future Saw films, and that he and the studio are currently “talking” about where the series will go next.

Saw 10 Could Follow Spiral

The puppet from Spiral (Saw 9)

With Saw 10’s fate relying on the success of Spiral, it’s likely the next film will be following on from the copycat premise. In his ComicBook interview, Rock says that that Spiral is “open” enough and another movie “wouldn’t be out of the question.” Spiral appears to be setting a brand new killer to inherit the mantle from John “Jigsaw” Kramer, but time will tell how viewers react to this new villain. Kramer himself became something of an instant horror icon following the original, but the new protege introduced in Jigsaw failed to leave much of an impression, which is partly why Spiral: From The Book Of Saw is acting as another soft relaunch.

Saw 10 Story— Will Jigsaw Return?

Saw 2 Jigsaw Smiling

Even if Saw 10 follows after Spiral, it’s likely Jigsaw won’t be returning. Director Darren Lynn Bousman explained in an interview with RadioTimes that attempting to replicate Jigsaw or Billy the puppet would be “insulting” to fans, as there could only ever be one Jigsaw. Spiral does not directly follow the events of the previous Saw films but instead exists in the same universe. Bousman seems determined to respect the original source material, so the chances he’ll ever attempt to replicate Jigsaw seem slim. Given that Kramer has been dead since the events of Saw III and he isn’t a supernatural character, that also makes his return doubtful.

Saw 10 Cast and Crew— Who Could Make It

Chris Rock as Zeke Banks from Spiral (Saw 9)

A director hasn’t been officially connected to Saw 10, but Spiral helmer Darren Lynn Bousman currently stands as the most likely candidate. On top of directing Spiral, Bousman has directed three other films in the Saw franchise (Saw II-IV). The Spierig Brothers, who directed Jigsaw, did show a brief interest in directing Spiral but ultimately turned it down, making their involvement in a sequel unlikely. Spiral has a solid cast, so Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson could return for the sequel – if they survive the film first, that is. There’s also a chance the sequel could bring back some familiar faces from past entries, like Cary Elwes’ Dr. Gordon.

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Saw 10 Release Date

Chris Rock as Zeke Banks in Spiral (Saw 9)

Without an official announcement and having just entered development, it’s likely audiences won’t be seeing a Spiral: From The Book Of Saw follow-up any time soon. The previous Saw films released annually in October, so if Saw 10 follows the tradition of a one-year gap, it could be hitting theaters in 2022. That said, it will likely be at least a couple of years before another entry arrives.

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