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Schitt’s Creek: Alexis’ 5 Best Traits (& 5 Worst)


Alexis Rose dazzled every fan of Schitt’s Creek with her stunning dresses, confident personality, and lovable humor. This character is pretty unforgettable – for all the good and the bad she has to offer. With one of the biggest character arcs on the show, there are definitely some flaws to go along with her charm.

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Not every character can be perfect, and throughout the series, Alexis offers some pretty redeeming moments and qualities – while other times fans might be shaking their heads or thinking she might want to take a step back. It’s time to dive into a “little bit Alexis” and see the best and the worst of her character.

10 Worst: Arrogant

Alexis auditioning for the part in Cabaret in front of her mom and Jocelyn

Alexis can certainly be guilty of thinking she’s the best there is, and she has very little issue with her self-esteem, but rather, she’s willing to put herself out there and consider herself always wearing an imaginary tiara. Of course, sometimes she’s a bit in over her head.

Not only can her ego be a bit embarrassing, but some of the other characters certainly don’t find it very pleasant when Alexis has her chin up high and is reluctant to really accept any criticism or suggestion. Her arrogance is a bit off-putting.

9 Best: Confident

Schitt's Creek Alexis Rose outside of the motel

On the flip side, Alexis’ confidence is actually pretty admirable. As the show progresses, she learns to kind of reign in her ego and just be unapologetically herself. She takes risks, and her biggest fan really is herself – which, isn’t a bad thing.

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Alexis truly lives her best life, and the way she carries herself with confidence and pride is one of the most charming and lovable things about her. Every fan can take a page out of Alexis’ book and have a bit more confidence in their life.

8 Worst: Self-Absorbed

Alexis sitting on the counter with David at his store

While this kind of ties into her arrogance, one of the biggest flaws of Alexis Rose is certainly that she might forget about the world around her. She gets caught up in Alexis-land and can neglect to notice people around her – let alone their actual thoughts and feelings.

From ignoring David’s cry for help that landed him in a farming field to not realizing Ted wanted to make a romantic brunch together, Alexis can be guilty of just living life with nothing else in mind but herself. While it’s usually not because of bad intentions, it’s still a bit annoying.

7 Best: Fiery & Hilarious

Alexis and Ted standing in the cafe

Alexis isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind, and her blunt humor makes her one of the funniest characters on the show. She’s quick-witted, sarcastic, and willing to say whatever comes to mind – which is often what the whole audience is really thinking, too.

From the subtle ways she puts down people’s ideas to bluntly calling out David’s weird behavior, Alexis has the humor to back up all the other great things she has to offer. From her ‘boops’ to her wide-eyed side glances, Alexis is hysterical, and it all comes with her fire.

6 Worst: Materialistic

Alexis in earrings and dress, standing by a field

While it’s pretty impossible to say anything negative about the fashion choices of Alexis, there can be something said about how much she relies on and cares about material things. From the hilarious back-and-forth with Twyla’s jewelry and clothes to always wearing heels to any occasion, she can be a bit obsessed with looks and things.

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Alexis also cares about what’s on the inside, but it’s hard to say that she could ever really forget the nice dresses or sparkly bracelets. She’s not really the type to live minimally. It’s a quirky trait, but it might also be one of her least-redeeming.

5 Best: Bold & Spontaneous

Alexis lounging outside and smiling

Alexis is a risk-taker. She’s unafraid to try new things and live life spontaneously. From her crazy stories from her younger self to becoming a vet assistant to starting her own business, there’s nothing this girl won’t try. This of course also goes hand-in-hand with her fashion.

While her fashion could be one of her best traits, too, it really ties into her confidence and her bold courage. She dresses to impress, but she’s mostly just concerned with being different and out-there. Alexis is the girl anyone would call for a fun adventure.

4 Worst: Oblivious

Alexis and Mutt cleaning a car in their orange vests

Alexis’ nature of being oblivious is similar to her self-absorption, but it’s not something that she entirely outgrows. Sometimes, Alexis just isn’t paying attention, or she’s apt to just really not understand any negative social cues directed towards her.

Twyla’s patience is both sweet and hysterical, but Alexis’ inability to really dial into what she says is a great indication that Alexis can be a bit ignorant. Same goes for her inability to do anything about her friendship and relationship with Mutt. David also politely brings Alexis back to the reality of the world, because sometimes she gets truly lost in oblivion.

3 Best: Ambitious

Alexis leading her 'singles week', standing in the cafe with a clipboard

Before the Rose family moved to Schitt’s Creek, Alexis may have just got everything handed to her. However, fans quickly learn that she’s actually really ambitious and determined, and is willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals.

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She digs in her heels and works for whatever she has her mind set on. From building her own business in a small town to moving to New York by herself, Alexis’ ambition and courage is truly remarkable, and it’s one of the main reasons fans absolutely love her.

2 Worst: Apathetic & Closed-Off

Alexis and David meeting Heather outside at her farm

Sometimes, Alexis can be her own biggest hurdle. She definitely tries to avoid feeling anything but happiness, and this can cause her to not get what she truly deserves or for her to just be stuck in her deep feelings. She doesn’t cry, and she doesn’t ask for help.

Alexis’ tendency to be apathetic makes it a bit hard for fans to actually get to know the real Alexis. Plus, it’s hard to watch her stir in her grief and not open up – like through wanting to be with Ted to breaking up with him, to being unable to really show her mom how much she’ll miss her. Still, Alexis certainly learns to overcome her apathy and closed-book nature, even if it is just a little.

1 Best: Selfless & Kind-Hearted

If there’s any character that goes from being one of the most selfish to having the biggest heart, it’s Alexis Rose. From refusing Twyla’s money to letting Stevie remain the Maid of Honor to letting Ted go and continue his work, Alexis really thinks about the others around her and has a heart of gold.

She may not have always been this way, but there’s no arguing against it by the end of the season. Alexis knows that she cares about the people in her life, and helping them is important to her. It makes her a great and lovable daughter, sister, friend – and character on the show.

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