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Seinfeld: The 9 Worst Things George Ever Did

A collage of George Costanza in Seinfeld

For a show about absolutely nothing, Seinfeld manages to be one of the most chaotic sitcoms in television history. Everyday tasks become a wild ride and the characters’ lack of compassion makes them unpredictable. When it comes to helping themselves, they’ll throw anyone to the wolves.

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Out of the core four, George is the most cynical. While Jerry, Elaine, and Kramer do feel guilt on occasion, George does whatever he can to make his life easier. There’s no line he won’t cross, and even though it’s terrifying, it’s part of the reason why the show is so comedic.

9 He Makes Elaine Take His IQ Test

Elaine takes George's IQ test

George is always trying to impress his latest girlfriend, and he ropes Elaine into one of his plans. His girlfriend asks him to take an IQ test, but George is afraid he’ll get a bad score and she’ll break up with him.

He goes to her house and locks himself in the bedroom to complete the test, but passes it to Elaine through the window. Elaine gets a bad score and George makes up a lie to explain it. They attempt to take the test again, but George’s girlfriend catches him in the act.

8 He Fake Dates His Cousin

George pretends to date his cousin

George can’t stand his parents, so when they told him they wanted nothing to do with his life, it’s shocking he didn’t see it as a good thing. But George wants to force his parents to get involved in his business, and romantically pursues his cousin to give them cause for concern.

George wanted to fake the relationship, but his cousin is into it. He struggles to keep her at bay throughout the episode, and the fact that he even thought up this scheme is downright creepy.

7 He Inadvertently Kills Susan

George didn’t even want to marry Susan, in the first place, so there was no way he was splurging on the expensive wedding invitations. He shoots down Susan’s concerns about the cheap ones and convinces her to save money.

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But the glue on the envelopes is toxic, and Susan dies after licking too many of them. Considering that George was hoping his fiancee would die in a plane crash to get out of the wedding, he wasn’t too upset by the news. He shrugged it off and went with the gang for coffee.

6 He Poses As The Leader Of The Aryan Nation

Jerry wasn’t keen on the idea, but George convinces him to steal someone’s limo at the airport. They trick the driver into believing that they are his passengers, and they end up on a wild adventure.

But things take a turn when George realizes what they got themselves into. The limo was for the leader of a terrorist organization with violent tendencies. To save his and Jerry’s life, George poses as O’Brien and is forced to speak at a televised event.

5 He Makes Up A Fake Charity

George makes up a charity

To avoid buying Christmas gifts for his co-workers, George claims to donate to a charity in their name. He makes one up and names it, “The Human Fund” and passes out cards to everyone in his office.

George’s boss writes him a check for $20,000 made out to The Human Fund, and George is unsure what to do. When his boss learns the truth, George is only able to get out of the situation by taking him to his family’s Festivus celebration.

4 He Makes Jerry Call In A Bomb Threat

George discovers that the spot under his desk is the perfect place to nap during work hours. He hires a carpenter to add cupholders and a nightstand and sleeps in his hidden cubby when he’s on the clock.

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But George’s boss comes into his office and decides to wait for George to come back. George calls Jerry from underneath his desk and gets him to call in a bomb threat to make Steinbrenner leave. But things spiral out of control, and Jerry continues to call the stadium with demands.

3 He Tries To Cheat On Susan

George and Susan talking across the diner table in Seinfeld

When George has the opportunity to go on a date with actress Marisa Tomei, he starts watching all of her movies. He gets Elaine’s friend to set them up on a date, and things go well until he admits to Marisa that he’s engaged.

Marisa punches him and leaves, and George is forced to clean up his mess. Because of a cover story that George and Elaine told Susan, Susan is under the impression that the two of them are sleeping together. While Susan is angry, she doesn’t break up with George.

2 He Leaves Children And Elders Behind In A Fire

It’s obvious that George cares about himself more than anyone else, but when it comes down to it, there was always the possibility that he would make the noble choice.

George really is as bad as he claims to be, and when a fire starts at a children’s birthday party, George pushes children and elders out of his way in order to make it to safety. He tries to save face by telling everyone that he was trying to lead the way out of the house, but his girlfriend doesn’t buy it and breaks up with him.

1 He Tries To Replace A Rye

George Costanza fishing a marble rye

Everything George does has a tendency to spiral out of control, and his actions in “The Rye” were no different. After George and Susan’s parents have dinner together, Frank and Estelle take back the loaf of bread they brought when they feel it’s unappreciated.

George worries that Susan’s parents will notice it’s gone and attempts to distract them so he can replace the rye. He sneaks into their house and uses a fishing rod to get the bread from Jerry, but he gets caught red-handed.

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