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Shanna Slams Critic Who Shamed Her with Comparison to Kourtney

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Shanna slams a critic who shamed her with a comparison to KUWTK’s Kourtney on Instagram. Other fans have things to say about Shanna’s outfit.

Shanna Moakler slammed a critic who shamed her with a comparison to Kourtney Kardashian, star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The American model, actress and reality television star did not feel the need to hold her tongue to defend her looks. Shanna has received backlash on more than one occasion as a result of her ex-husband’s relationship with Kourtney Kardashian. Read on to find out how Shanna responded to the critic.

Shanna is no stranger to public judgment for her looks. In 1995, she won the Miss New York USA pageant. She was the first runner-up at Miss USA that same year. The 5-foot 8-inch model later went on to succeed Chelsi Smith as Miss USA. Shanna and Travis Barker married in 2004 and remained together until 2008. The estranged husband and wife have two children, 15-year-old daughter Alabama and 17-year-old son Landon.

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Shanna slammed a critic on a Instagram post. The critic commented underneath a photo of Shanna in a little black dress. Shanna captioned her photo, “Checkmate, baby!” The critic responded, “Kourtney is 🔥er.” The model quickly slammed the critic, “Then go to HER page.” Fans of Shanna chimed in with their own opinions on the KUWTK matter. One confused onlooker commented, “You are beautiful…but what’s the beef? I am confused. You all deserve to be happy.” Another made it clear that she is a fan of Shanna but not a fan of her shoes in the photo. The fan wrote, “Well you’re stunning. And u have nothing to prove to these trolls. But couldn’t they find you shoes that fit? Then the pic would be perfection.

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Shanna has received a lot of backlash since Kourtney started dating Travis. The comment about her looks in comparison to Kourtney is one of many critiques. Fans even had things to say about Shanna removing a tattoo of her ex-husband’s name. While the model admitted, “I’m very much over my ex,” she seems to think the PDA between KUWTK‘s Kourtney and Travis is “weird.” 

Fans have a lot to say when it comes to most celebrity relationships. Differences in opinion come to the surface, especially when one celebrity moves on to another relationship. Comparisons are always made regardless of whether the new partner is a celebrity or not. Although Shanna and Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kourtney have their differences, they share some similarities, one being their interest in American musician Travis Barker.

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