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Should You Disable The Mako’s Improved Controls

Mass Effect Should You Disable The Makos Improved Handling 2

Mass Effect Legendary Edition includes improved Mako controls, but it also gives players the option to switch back to the originals. Is it worth it?

One of many gameplay changes included in Mass Effect Legendary Edition is updated Mako handling, which aims to improve the bouncy and difficult-to-maneuver Mass Effect 1 vehicle. However, BioWare was quick to assure fans they would still be able to switch back to the original controls. This raises the question: Is there any reason to disable the Mako’s new and improved handling?

The Mako was met with mixed reception after its appearance in ME1. To many players, it felt too light, resulting in a driving experience that felt inauthentic at times and hard to handle at others. Coupled with a problematic tendency to flip off of hills and get wedged in rugged terrain, the Mako proved to be a frustration for many, and it was ultimately removed from the latter two games of the trilogy.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s release brought with it the return of the Mako, this time with smoother controls. The Mako in Mass Effect Legendary Edition has more weight to it, making it less likely to slide around and bounce excessively. Legendary Edition also features a setting for camera-relative steering so that players can choose whether the Mako’s controls are relative to the hull of the vehicle or the position of the camera.

Is It Worth Disabling Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s Improved Mako Controls?

Being one of the more divisive elements of the franchise, it’s unlikely fans would have ever reached a consensus on whether or not BioWare should update the Mako’s controls. For some players, Mass Effect Legendary Edition is an opportunity to experience the nostalgia of the original games, including the quirks and oddities of Mass Effect 1. For others – especially those who have never played the series before – improved mechanics could make the game more welcoming. By letting players disable the updated handling, BioWare has allowed fans to customize their gameplay and potentially retain a classic element of Mass Effect 1.

That said, the vehicle-based segments may be significantly more difficult to get through with improved handling disabled. Several worlds feature lava pits or steep cliffs as hazards that need to be avoided, and the Mako’s highly sensitive old handling can make these harder to avoid. Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s new Mako controls also include various other improvements, such as better aiming and boosts. Coupled with a new UI, fans may find the Mako generally more enjoyable than it was in Mass Effect 1, but these changes might also make the new handling worth disabling for a more authentic experience.

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