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Singles Jesse & Madi Are Dating After Season 3

Jesse Stephanos Maddy Brown Temptation Island 3

They didn’t find love with any of the couples, but season 3 singles Jesse and Maddy hit it off together. The new couple recently went IG official.

Though none of the couples on Temptation Island this year left with the island’s singles, Madilynn “Maddy” Brown and Jesse Stephanos of the season 3 singles found romance with each other and recently announced they are now dating. It’s a surprising relationship to emerge from the season, but a welcome one, as there was a fair amount of heartbreak on the island as well. Maddy and Jesse seem awfully cozy together, and the rest of their Temptation Island family is just as excited for the new couple.

Jesse and Maddy both went on Temptation Island for the chance to connect with one of the men or women from the season’s couples and hopefully entice them away from the partner they came to the island with. However, that didn’t work out for either one of them. Maddy didn’t really bond with any of the men and was sent home in episode seven. Jesse did a little better and formed a flirty friendship with Erica Washington. Jesse helped Erica realize she was way too good for her boyfriend, Kendal. However, Their connection was not romantic and Erica left the island alone.

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Although Jesse and Maddy were kept separate in the men’s and women’s villas, the two of them apparently met at some point and hit it off. They may not have found love with anyone from the season 3 couples, but they found love with each other and made their relationship official on Instagram. “Surprised or nah? Shoutout to the lovely matchmakers over at @temptationtv for the introduction,” Jesse captioned a post of the two together in Palm Beach, Florida. 

Many of Jesse and Maddy’s castmates commented on their new photo and relationship news with enthusiasm. Temptation Island host Mark Walberg left a string of heart emojis in the comments, and Maddy’s fellow single girl Alexcys gushed over the new couple, saying, “Ahhh love to see it.” Apparently, some of the season 3 cast knew about their relationship for some time, because another single girl, Nickole, said in all caps that it was the “Hardest secret I had in my life.”

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Season 3 of Temptation Island was eventful for the couples on the show, but it seems the singles also found a way to mingle with each other. Perhaps Jesse and Maddy met while filming the reunion episode, though it’s possible they met up at some point on the island. Regardless, fans and their season’s alum are happy for the new couple who found each other against all odds. 

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Source: Jesse Blue Stephanos/Instagram

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