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Snapchat’s New Deepfake “Cameo” Feature Is Fun: Here’s How To Use It

Snapchat s New Deepfake Cameo Feature

Since the new Deepfake Technology arrived, many people use it for negative intent. But now, Snapchat is using this technology to take its filter and face tracking features to the next level. Yes, Snapchat is about to release the new update with the new Deepfake “Cameo” feature.

With this new SnapChat Cameo feature, users will be able to use the deepfake technology to deepfake themselves into a funny video or GIF. So you can simply edit your face into easily shareable videos, Bitmoji or Memoji. SnapChat’s Cameo feature is a “simplified way to deepfake you into GIFs,”.

According to Snapchat “With Cameos, you become the star of short, looping videos that you can customize with your own face,” also added, “They’re great for striking up new conversations or making responses to your friends personal, dynamic and fun.”

So this new Cameo feature uses your Selfie to plaster your face on a digitized body within the app. You can also compare it with the Bitmoji features, but it looks more realistic.

How To Use Snapchat’s New Deepfake “Cameo” Feature

Step #1: First, open the Snapchat App.

Step #2: Next, take a selfie with the Snapchat app’s selfie camera.

Step #3: When you take a selfie, you will be able to pick one from the 150 looping video clips that Snapchat has created for this feature. You can even see these clips flaunting your cash, dancing like crazy, falling asleep, and tons more options. You can select any of them according to your mood.

Step #4: Once you select any video, it will stretch and move your selfie to create vivid facial reactions.

That’s it!

Well, this new Cameo feature is still available in beta version as once tester from France found this interesting and shared on social media. If you are wondering when Snapchat’s Cameo feature will be released globally, then let me tell you that the company is planning to release the new Snapchat update on December 18th with the new deepfake Cameo feature.

Are you excited for this new Snapchat Cameo feature? Do you think it could give a fierce competition to its rivals Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp? If you have anything to share about this feature, then you are free to share it in the comment box.

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