’SNL’ Shows How Your Parents Might React to “the Christmas Conversation”

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Punkie’s character, in the meantime, is fortunately making gumbo as she begins the video name together with her daughter. Quickly, nevertheless, she’s yelling at Ego’s character.

“And who you on the market seeing that you could’t come house, huh?” she says. “I do know you ain’t acquired no man!”

She even tries to get her husband, performed by Kenan Thompson, to again her up — after which directs her ire at him when he doesn’t tow the get together line.

“We love you unconditionally,” Kenan’s character tells his daughter. 

“No, not that!” Punkie replies.

So Kenan revises himself: “We love you… conditionally?”

Lastly, on the finish of the sketch, SNL urges viewers to remain protected, saying that we’ll all be collectively at some point.

“Would I like you extra in the event you got here house? I don’t know. Who’s to say,” Sophie tells her daughter. “I’m kidding!”

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