Soft Tops vs. Hard Tops – Which Is Best for Your Jeep?

Soft Tops vs. Hard Tops

There are a lot of reasons that people love Jeep Wranglers. They are capable off-roaders with a cool aesthetic and the practicality to go anywhere. However, one of the most distinctive characteristics is the removable roof. Whether you select a soft or hard top, you can take it off and enjoy the open air. So, which should you choose, Jeep soft tops or hard tops?

Soft Tops

Many people love the soft top options for Jeeps. For many, this is a classic look that dates back to the original military vehicles and the early civilian models (which typically had soft tops). There are a lot of reasons to love the soft top. Here are a few of the most significant advantages:

  • Easy To Remove: Perhaps the biggest reason to consider a soft top is that they are usually very easy to remove. They are lighter than hard top alternatives. Additionally, they can usually be folded. Some soft tops can even be retracted while left in place to offer some open-air feeling with less hassle.
  • Easy To Store: When you have the soft top off, they can be folded up and stored more easily. Some aftermarket options are even designed to fit into the back of your Jeep.
  • Affordable: Typically, soft tops are less expensive. This is helpful if you are also adding an off-road Jeep wheel and tire combo, lift kit and other big upgrades. Plus, who doesn’t like saving a little bit of money?

Hard Tops

Hard tops are viewed by some people as being the more practical option. They are usually associated with a quieter, more comfortable ride. The following are a few of the key benefits of choosing a hard top for your Jeep:

  • Durable: Hard tops can take a beating, including on the trail. While most soft tops are made of tough material, there is no matching the durability of a hard top. If you want a roof that will last, consider this option.
  • More Comfortable: Hard top roofs offer more insulation and keep out a lot more road noise. Plus, they won’t flap in the wind at all (a problem for some cheaper soft tops).
  • Secure: Typically, hard tops are better for keeping your items secure. This includes protecting against any animals on the trail as well as would-be thieves.
  • Roof Rack Ready: Hard tops do better with roof-mounted storage. You can load up your kayak, for example.
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How To Choose

Overall, there are a lot of reasons to love both options. If you want something that offers the maximum amount of fun, the soft top may be right for you. If you want something practical and comfortable, consider the hard top. Of course, a lot of your experience will depend on which model you choose, regardless of type.

Learn More

Order your Jeep Wrangler roof today. Plus, don’t forget to pick up other accessories such as Jeep fender flares. With a few of the right parts, you can make an awesome-looking and useful Jeep Wrangler build. Get started by learning more about the options for your generation of Jeep.

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