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Sonic Faced A Villain Even More Twisted Than Eggman

Ixis Naugus and Sonic

The evil sorcerer Ixis Naugus might be pretty dastardly in Archie Comics’ discontinued Sonic series, but he’s twisted because of how he was created.

Dr. Eggman might be twisted, but neither he nor any of the many other villains that Sonic the Hedgehog fought against in Archie Comics’ discontinued series held a candle to the evil sorcerer Ixis Naugus. What makes Ixis so messed up isn’t just his diabolical schemes, but how he was created and why that soon led to his mental decline.

Unlike IDW Publishing’s budding series, the sheer number of bad guys that Archie Comics threw at Sonic was, in some sense, utterly ridiculous. The vast majority of them felt like filler, but Ixis initially stood out from the rest for his incredible skills, like the time he manifested as a storm cloud. Most especially, when Ixis debuted in issue #53, Robotnik had just been destroyed for the first time during the EndGame arc. And seeing as the evil mad scientist had never been killed before up until that point, Ixis made a more lasting impression on fans as a result and remained a major antagonist for quite a few years.

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Ixis Naugus was the reason why Sonic’s king, Maximillian Acorn, would remain crystalized for a massive chunk of the series. He would also later trick Sonic’s allies and friends into accepting him as their new ruler in issue #231. But that’s not why he’s twisted. It stems from the fact that Naugus was actually created by the founding mages of the ancient society of sorcerers known as Order of Ixis during a competition to determine who would be the supreme leader. Somehow, the magic they conjured against each other both manifested as Ixis Naugus and trapped them in the back of Naugus’ mind. Ironically, the three mages would later gain the ability to communicate with Naugus around the time he became king. And having been forced to watch the world through his eyes for years, they wanted to make his life a living hell.

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At first, Ixis’ mental faculties remained intact despite him hearing voices in his head, as he successfully shrugged off their taunts and claims that he would not only fail as king, but would inevitably lose control of his mind and body. By Sonic the Hedgehog #240, the mages had become so powerful that they were able to force various parts of his body to mutate into crab-like appendages, a rather unpleasant experience that understandably helped contribute to his mental decline.

Unfortunately, readers never had the chance to witness Ixis fully descend into madness, as the Genesis Wave that altered the entirety of Sonic’s universe abruptly ended his storyline and replaced his character with a lamer version, known as Walter Naugus. It’s ironic because, earlier on before the 100th issue, like most of Sonic’s heroes and villains, Ixis was originally dropped and wouldn’t return until much later. And when he did, he was quickly erased from existence just before he reached the breaking point. Even though the insanity that gripped Ixis Naugus made him into a much more twisted character than Dr. Eggman, it’s interesting to note an intriguing correlation where, like Ixis, Eggman also lost his mind. The difference, however, is that what essentially broke Dr. Eggman was more understandable, as he had been essentially beaten one too many times by Sonic the Hedgehog, and he just couldn’t take it anymore. But for Ixis Naugus, the way in which he was created would end up being what eventually drove him crazy while those who had accidentally brought him into this world, tried to take him out of it. That’s just twisted.

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