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Sonos acquires VA startup Snips for a $37 million cash deal

As reported in its earnings for the final quarter, Sonos revealed that it recently acquired Snips in a bargain deal of $37 Million cash. Snips is a startup service that provides voice assistance for smartphone users. As per reports provided on Wednesday, Sonos had been eyeing Snips for quite some time, given its unique premise for customer satisfaction via VA services.

Snips has been involved in the development of voice assistants for smart devices that are designed to operate locally as opposed to finding reliance on the cloud-based voice data. This, in turn, will help Sonos to set up its voice control option confirming data privacy. Moreover, the VA is focused narrowly on the music control option as opposed to serving as a smart assistant for general purposes. In the past, Sonos has been a part of the market giants, Google and Amazon. The company has provided VA support for their latest products named Sonos One Smart Speakers and the popular Sonos Beam.

Both these products need an active form of cloud connection in order to function effectively. However, this working premise raised several questions from the consumers as well as the protection groups securing the interests of the consumers. One of these prominent questionnaires included an inquiry about the methodology to be opted by Sonos for handling the data that is being collected from the users.

Furthermore, the company has introduced additional control variants to help users manage their data sharing methodologies. However, Patrick Spence, the CEO at Sonos, noted during an interview that one among the things this company can effectively do is build its very own set of voice features while ensuring privacy for the users.

Sonos also introduced it’s a different version of the Sonos One, which leaves out the hardware designed for microphone transmissions completely. Introduced early during the fall season, this version was named as Sonos One SL. This mic-less variant by Sonos provides the customers with a safety suture that ensures the device is free from any round-tripping possibilities with regards to user-information. Spence was also quick to note that Sonos won’t be competing with the VA partners. This is due to the fact that all the creations by Sonos will primarily be focused on music as opposed to serving as a wholesome voice assistant.

In the past, Sonos had a lucrative partnership with Ikea, which resulted in more than 30,000 speakers being sold on the day of its launch.

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