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Spider-Man Star Says Making MCU Movies Is Like Going to a Theme Park

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Angourie Rice, who plays Betty Brant in the MCU, compares making the Spider-Man movies to a really cool theme park she can’t tell anybody about.

Angourie Rice compares working on Spider-Man: No Way Home to going to a theme park that she can’t tell anybody about. Rice got her big break in 2016 with The Nice Guys alongside Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. She was cast in the role of Betty Brant in Spider-Man: Homecoming and her role was expanded in Spider-Man: Far From Home. She is set to return in Spider-Man: No Way Home, releasing later this year.

Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are some of the biggest movies in the world with people trying to guess plot points based on anything, be it a set photo or a toy reveal. Marvel is selective about what information they release to the public and that has served them well, like hiding the Mandarin twist in Iron Man 3, the Skrulls not being the villains in Captain Marvel, or even the return of J.K. Simmons at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Now, as Rice explains, keeping all those secrets can be tricky when the experience of filming is so much fun.

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During an interview with Collider, Angourie Rice discussed her experience of working on a Marvel project. She shared that it is extremely fun as an actor, comparing it to a theme park, but it is so secretive she can’t tell anyone except other people in the production. She also admires fans’ ability to speculate about the movies from just a few photos or lines from previous of films. Read Rice full comments, below:

“The way that like Marvel protects the story is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It’s so secret. Shooting Spider-Man was like getting to go to a really cool theme park, but you couldn’t tell anyone because it’s the world’s most secret theme park. That was tricky. The good thing about the second film was that I had my mother and my sister there with me, the whole time, so they were in on it and I could talk to them about anything because they were there. They are super secretive about everything. After being a part of it and seeing how people speculate from photos online and single lines in previous films, the fans of Marvel do some really great guesswork, for sure, so I understand.”

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Angourie Rice as Betty, Jacob Batalon as Ned and Zendaya as MJ in Spider-Man Far From Home

Rice is right with how secretive Marvel keeps its material, but some of the actors are notorious for spoiling information. Tom Holland himself is so well known for spoiling the movies that he wasn’t even shown what his digitally-created suit would look like in Avengers: Infinity War until he saw the movie. Mark Ruffalo famously left his phone on during the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok and let the first few minutes of audio leak online. Even recently, Alfred Molina let slip his return as the Spider-Man 2 version of Doc Ock in Far From Home.

How Rice’s role as Betty will factor into Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently unknown. While Betty Brant is a major character in the Spider-Man mythos (she was played by Elizabeth Banks in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films), the MCU version is quite different from what’s come before. Instead of being older than Peter, she is one of his classmates, and despite a bigger role in Spider-Man: Far From Home, due to the presence of various villains like Doc Ock and Electro and the appearance of Doctor Strange, it is highly unlikely Betty will factor into the plot in a major way. Still, it sounds as if Rice has continued to enjoy being a part of the MCU, no matter how big or small her part.

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Source: Collider

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