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Splitsvilla X3

Splitsvilla has always been in the headlines and talks of the teenagers as the show is centric about the teenagers who are kept at one place and have to perform multiple tasks during their journey in the villa. They have to perform well during their journey which would definitely help the contestant to move forward in the competition without any planning and plotting required. The contender who stands till the last and wins the final task which is obviously very testing and challenging wins the title of the show.

Splitsvilla X3 Today's Episode

The show has seen quite a success in the past and has been appreciated by the mass of teenagers which has eventually let the producers come up with back to back seasons in the time span of so many years. The present season of Spitsvilla is the 13th season which gave it the reason to be named as X3. The contestants in the show are definitely acing the show as all of them have been very indulgent and can be seen giving their fullest in the show as well.

Splitsvilla X3 Vote Out

The show Splitsvilla x3 has been running for seven weeks now. The show had all the twists and turns along with the spirit testing tasks which involve the use of body and brain as well. The dome session which happened in the sixth week which was the last week precisely had the elimination of the two contestants of the show. Definitely to cope up with the empty space created, the winners of the “Wild Villa” ae included in the contestants in the show. This would surely help in raising the competitiveness, drama and would spice up the things even more.

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In 17th April’s episode, it would be seen that the test for the ideal match for Pallak and Nikhil fails quite badly. As every decision has it’s pros and cons, Palak would be seen entering the Silver Villa. Following the above event, Riya and Shivam can be clearly seen getting close to each other once again and working on their patch-up. The entry of the winners of the “Wild Villa” was Sakshi Mallik and Devashish would definitely bring some definite and drastic changes in the functioning of the villa.

As the viewers enjoy the fights a lot, there would be an instance where Shivam and Kevin can be seen at the verge of getting into a physical fight. The reason for such a moment arose as the constant provocation of Kevin to Shivam.

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