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Stallone is Bruised & Beaten in Bloody Rambo: Last Blood BTS Video

Rambo Last Blood Knife poster

Action star Sylvester Stallone has shared a new bloody behind-the-scenes video from Rambo: Last Blood that shows him bruised and beaten as Rambo.

Sylvester Stallone has released a bloody behind-the-scenes video from Rambo: Last Blood, which shows the actor bruised and beaten for his role as John Rambo. Stallone is known for his iconic role as boxing champion Rocky Balboa in the Rocky franchise, but in John Rambo, the action star found another fan-favorite character that has stood the test of time. The original Rambo, First Blood, hit theatres in 1982, and the gritty action film tells the story of a former Vietnam War vet suffering from PTSD, who is forced into action after encountering an abusive small-town sheriff and his deputies. The film’s success led to some more successful and more absurdly violent sequels, with Stallone’s last outing as Rambo coming in 2019’s Rambo: Last Blood.

Rambo: Last Blood, which was co-written by Stallone and directed by Adrian Grunberg, told the story of a much older Rambo, whose peaceful life is disrupted when he has to try and save his adopted niece, Carmen, from a Mexican cartel. In true Rambo fashion, the film does not hold back on the violence. Last Blood’s climax is a gruesome final battle that pays tribute to past films, with the war vet luring his enemies into battle while also utilizing a bow and arrow before it finishes with a symbolic open-ending of a wounded Rambo riding off into the sunset. The level of violence and blood was a big talking point post-the film’s release, as critics panned the excessive violence and poor story, while audiences seemed to enjoy Stallone’s brutal finale as Rambo.

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In a recent throwback Instagram post, Stallone has once again drawn people’s attention back to the brutality of his film by posting a video, as well as a close-up image, “From the last Rambo” that shows off “the amazing make-up skills of FIONA CUSH.” In the caption, Stallone also writes that Cush “always makes me look so darn pretty.” The incredibly graphic look at the beaten-down Rambo looks to be from the scene where the hero is attacked by the cartel, as the bloody knife wound he’s given in that scene is visible. In the video, Stallone’s trademark humor is on display as he jokes, “No one ever laid a glove on me.” Full post can be seen below:

Much like the film, the behind-the-scenes look at Last Blood’s makeup work is not for everyone. But regardless if one is a fan of the level of blood and violence in the film, Cush’s work on Stallone definitely deserves credit as the detail and gritty feeling it gives Last Blood undoubtedly has a big impact on the film. Die-hard fans will certainly appreciate the detailed look at the work that went into creating the last Rambo, especially as it appears Stallone’s time as the iconic character has come to end. Although many thought the 2019 installment would be Rambo’s last stand, Stallone has mentioned bringing the Rambo franchise back as a “streaming prequel.” But if that does happen, a younger actor will likely play the part.

The future of Rambo may be uncertain, and Stallone is continuing to work on other projects, but he’s never too distant from the character as recent fan-art showed his King Shark character from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad dressed in Rambo gear. Also, the actor revealed he is not returning as Rocky for Creed 3 but did announce his planned pitch for a Rocky prequel streaming series. So it’s possible the proposed Rambo prequel could one day become a reality, but until then, fans can enjoy Stallone’s bruised and battered look from Rambo: Last Blood.

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