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Star Trek: What Happened To Chakotay After Voyager

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Little is known about what happened to Chakotay after Star Trek: Voyager’s finale, but the character had a tragic future in an alternate timeline.

The Star Trek: Voyager series finale provided viewers with a potential tragic future for Commander Chakotay, as well as a few other clues about what might have happened to the character after the show ended. Star Trek: Voyager was the 4th series in the Star Trek franchise and ran from 1995 to 2001. The show focused on Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager after the ship became stranded in the Delta Quadrant, on the other side of the galaxy from the Federation. Once it became clear that they had a long journey home, Voyager’s Starfleet crew joined forces with the Maquis crew they’d been sent to capture and began their journey back to the Alpha Quadrant, a journey which ultimately took them 7 years to complete.

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During the pilot episode, the Captain of the Maquis ship, Chakotay, became Captain Janeway’s first officer. Played by actor Robert Beltran, Chakotay was the first Native American character to be featured as a lead on a Star Trek series and served as Janeway’s steady right-hand man for all seven seasons of Voyager. Chakotay was a loyal first officer, and over the years fans have particularly praised his and Janeway’s dynamic. While Chakotay never became as much of a fan favorite as some other Voyager characters, his kindness and dependability have earned him a small but loyal fanbase, and his backstory provided some interesting storylines during Voyager’s run.

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One of Chakotay’s most shocking storylines came in Star Trek: Voyager’s series finale, “Endgame”, which gave the audience a glimpse into an alternate future that included his death. The beginning of “Endgame” was set over 20 years in the future and revealed that Voyager had finally made it back to the Alpha Quadrant but at the cost of several important lives. One of these lives was Chakotay’s; the character died of a broken heart after the death of Seven of Nine, who he had married during Voyager’s time in the Delta Quadrant. Luckily, the plot of “Endgame” revolved around the now-Admiral Kathryn Janeway using time-traveling technology to go back and help Voyager return home sooner, effectively making sure that both Chakotay and Seven’s deaths would not take place.

Seven and Chakotay in Star Trek: Voyager

Admiral Janeway successfully averted a needlessly tragic future for Chakotay, but “Endgame” provided minimal clues beyond this as to what might have happened to him after Voyager’s homecoming. Luckily, with context clues and knowledge of the wider Star Trek universe, a vague picture of Chakotay’s future can be formed. Although Chakotay and Seven of Nine were married in the alternate future, Seven’s recent appearance in the 1st season of Star Trek: Picard hinted at her LGBTQ+ identity and budding relationship with Raffi Musiker, effectively putting any possibility of a continued romance with Chakotay to bed. It is also likely that Chakotay and Voyager’s other Maquis crew members faced some kind of reckoning about their former lives upon returning to the Alpha Quadrant. Although the Maquis were wiped by the Dominion in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and those aboard Voyager had reformed, an earlier episode of season 7 revealed that Starfleet still thought of Chakotay and his crew as Maquis. This raised the possibility that the group could face some kind of consequence for their time in the resistance upon returning home, although, with Captain Janeway on their side, it is more likely that they all received full pardons from Starfleet.

Beyond this, not much is known about what happened to Chakotay or any other member of Voyager’s crew after the ship made it home. However, with Star Trek: Picard already having brought back Seven of Nine for more adventures, it is possible that other characters also have future stories to tell. Fans of Star Trek: Voyager might be able to have hope for getting some answers about what has happened to their favorite characters, including Chakotay, in the near future.

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