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Star Trek: Where The Maquis Are During Picard

Star trek picard the Maquis Resistance

Although the Maquis Resistance was mostly wiped out in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the movement could still be around during Star Trek: Picard.

The Maquis Resistance could potentially still be around in Star Trek: Picard despite their brutal defeat by the Dominion earlier in the franchise. Star Trek: Picard premiered in January of 2020 and was set 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, chronicling the further adventures of now-retired Admiral Jean-Luc Picard as he grappled with grief and mortality while uncovering a sinister Romulan plot surrounding synthetic life. Picard explored a number of key Star Trek characters and concepts in season 1, but one thing it didn’t touch on was the status of the Maquis.

The Maquis were a group of freedom fighters first introduced towards the end of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The movement was mostly made up of former Starfleet officers and Federation colonists who banded together to defend their home planets from Cardassian occupation following the creation of the Demilitarized Zone between Federation and Cardassian space. Both Starfleet and the Cardassians considered the Maquis a terrorist organization, and fighting between the three factions became a major storyline across multiple Star Trek shows. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, in particular, featured a number of story arcs about the Maquis, while Star Trek: Voyager included multiple former Maquis characters as part of its main cast.

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It is not entirely surprising, however, that Star Trek: Picard has yet to feature a storyline about the Maquis, since the movement suffered a devastating defeat during Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Dominion War storyline. After Cardassia entered into the Dominion in Ds9, Gul Dukat, used the Dominion’s military resources to launch a brutal attack on the Maquis, effectively wiping out the vast majority of the resistance. Only small pockets of Maquis remained, many of whom were captured and imprisoned by Starfleet. With its people killed or imprisoned, and the Dominion War brought to a close not long after, it might seem like any other storylines about the Maquis would be impossible in future Star Trek series. However, because of the events that occurred in Star Trek: Voyager, the Maquis are likely still around in some capacity during the time period in which Star Trek: Picard is set.

As previously mentioned, Voyager’s crew contained a number of former Maquis members, since the ship joined forces with a Maquis ship after both were stranded in the Delta Quadrant. As a result, Voyager’s Maquis were not present at the Dominion attack, and ended up being the largest faction of the movement to survive. Although they had been reformed by their time on Voyager, these former Maquis still made it back to Earth after 7 years with the rest of Voyager’s crew, meaning that the number of former Maquis in the Alpha Quadrant rose significantly upon their return. Although Star Trek: Voyager ended without confirming what might have happened to the crew after returning home, reasonable speculation could assume that some of Voyager’s former Maquis still had sympathies to the movement and could have tried to reorganize upon returning to the Alpha Quadrant. Even if this did not happen, many of Voyager’s crew would at least have used their newfound good standing with Starfleet to help advocate for their former Maquis friends who were in prison.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the survival of Voyager’s Maquis contingent means that there are many former Maquis still alive during Star Trek: Picard. Additionally, the tone of the show would certainly lend itself to a storyline about that group in the future. Picard made changes to the Romulans and introduced the idea of a more lawless galaxy in the wake of the Romulan supernova. The Fenris Rangers, who were introduced in season 1, bear a resemblance to the Maquis, demonstrating that the conditions under which the Maquis could return are present during the Picard time period. Even if Star Trek: Picard does not bring back the Maquis as an organization, it would be interesting for the show to explore the consequences and potential challenges former members have faced since the Resistance’s defeat.

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