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Stark County man accused of kidnapping, threatening to kill teen

Stark County man accused of kidnapping, holding teen girl captive at oil well site, threating to kill her and pull out her teeth

The victims also alleges the suspect stole her grandmother’s car.

CANTON, Ohio — *Editor’s Note: The video in the player above is from previous report. 

A Stark County man is in police custody after being accused of kidnapping and holding his teen girlfriend captive at an oil well site. 

27-year-old Samuel Bowles is facing charges of kidnapping, theft, aggravated menacing and parole violation for his role in the May 15 kidnapping of a 17-year-old girl.

According to reports, the victim, who identified Bowles as her boyfriend of a few months, reported that he was using drugs, specifically meth, that would impact his mood. 

After a day of verbal and physical altercations, the victim arrived at the suspect’s home to retrieve her belongings. The victim reports that Bowles’ car was not in the driveway and that his father said that he was not home, so the victim returned to her car to head home. 

While pulling out of the driveway, Bowles blocked her in and moved towards her car. He ordered her into the passenger side of the car and then sped away from the home. Bowles reportedly drove the victim to an oil well site where he struck and strangled her. He also told her that he was going to break her fingers, pull out her teeth, and kill her, carving his name into her face. 

Bowles then began damaging the car before driving to a trail area where there was a large hole, that he reportedly pointed out as a grave, to bury the victim. 

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After repeatedly telling the victim he was going to kill her, he returned to his home to gather scissors, a pocket knife, pliers and a hammer. According to reports, Bowles instructed the victim to get her clothes saying that it “would take some days,” when asked why he was going to kill her. 

Now inside Bowles’ car, the two drove to Canton and pulled into the front yard of a friend of Bowles from prison. The friend offered the two to come inside for dinner and Bowles requested to stay the night.

After being shown to a room, Bowles barricaded himself and the victim inside. Several people tried to get them to come out of the room, which angered Bowles. He then demanded that they leave. 

Those at the home helped to prevent the victim from leaving with Bowles, who later sped away from the home, only to drive by five minutes later.

Canton Police arrived shortly after and began gathering information. A warrant was issued for Bowles’ arrest.   

The victim’s car, owned by her grandmother, was reported stolen, However, a day after the incident, Bowles told the victim’s mother where the car was located and it was recovered by police. 

Bowles was arrested at a location in Waynesburg on May 17. He was taken into custody around 6:30 p.m. and is currently being held at the Stark County Jail.

This is a developing story, stay with 3News for updates as they become available. 

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