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Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela is opting for a career in adult entertainment industry

Steven Spielberg’s daughter Mikaela porn

Steven Spielberg’s adopted daughter recently made headlines when she announced her career and explained the reason behind that. Mikaela, who is 23, was adopted by Steven and his wife Kate Capshaw as a child. They brought her into the family when she was a baby and the time her adopted mother said that she was the sixth and final addition to their family. But that was wrong, because less than a year later, her next daughter Destry was born.

23-year-old Mikaela decided to follow a new path and start a career as an adult movie star. She just announced that she wanted to work in the adult film industry but she is not new to that because she has already been self-producing solo x-rated movies.

Mikaela explained that she got really tired of not being able to rely on her body and was tired of being told to hate her body. And, she also got tired of working in day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying to her. That’s why Mikaela felt that by doing this kind of work, she will be able to satisfy other people but it will feel good because she won’t be feeling violated.

Mikaela said that she hopes that her adopted parent would see her grow in her new venture. She told them about her decision via Facetime. She said they were intrigued by the news but not upset. But the latest report of The New York Post stated that Spielberg has expressed concern over her daughter’s career decision and he is embarrassed.

Mikaela assured that she isn’t embarrassed and doesn’t feel any shame in her choice. She sees in her new venture as a positive and empowering move. She is excited about her new future because her past was quite difficult. Mikaela revealed that she abused by predators while growing up and that contributed to her mental health issues including anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and alcoholism. Thankfully, she worked through her issues with therapies and had the support of her family. 

Mikaela grew up in the movie industry and spend a lot of time on movie sets. She recalled being on the set of A.I Artificial Intelligence when she was little and the thing she remembered was the beautiful lighting. She sometimes attended events with her father but Spielberg always protected his kids from doing a red carpet. Mikaela said that when she was growing up, she was responsibly spoilt and her parents raised with the value of hard work and understanding human dignity. Is that why she trying to be independent?

Mikaela said that she has a good relationship with her father while growing up she has fun memories of playing computer games with him. And, thanks to him, she gained a love for sci-fi and horror. She said that he loved that she was super unique and she always knew what she wanted. So, basically, he was an angel to her.

Steven Spielberg’s daughter lives in Nashville and she has already submitted an application to become a porn star and her aspiration to become an erotic dancer in the future so that she is able to do what she loves the most in her spare time and money off of it.

Well, Mikaela is engaged to Chuck Pankowwho by now is 47 years old and apparently, he is supporting her in her blossoming adult entertainment career. It took him a while to accept her ambitions though but Mikaela says it is because of the place they live in and because of their social group. They are based in Tennessee and she said there is still a lot of shame around the adult actor occupation. The response from her friend group hasn’t been the best so far but she was prepared for backlash.

So because she is engaged and out of respect for her fiancé, Mikaela decided she will be self-producing solo adult film videos so that there will be no other people involved. Her stage name is “Sugar Star” and she had already uploaded some videos on a popular adult movie website but she took them down while waiting for the approval of her Tennessee sex worker license.

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