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Sucker Punch Stars Campaign To Release Zack Snyder’s Cut

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Zack Snyder recently claimed that the original version of Sucker Punch is very different, and its stars are now campaigning for the director’s cut.

The stars of Sucker Punch are campaigning online to release Zack Snyder’s director’s cut of the film. After the successful fan campaign to release the Snyder Cut of Justice League, the director has become one of Hollywood’s hottest filmmakers. Snyder revealed in a recent interview that Sucker Punch’s theatrical cut was also quite different than the film he wanted to release, sparking buzz online for another director’s cut release.

Like the theatrical cut of Justice League, Sucker Punch was far from a success when it released in theaters in 2011. The film told the story of “Babydoll,” a young woman imprisoned in a 1960s mental asylum after being wrongfully convicted of murder. In an attempt to escape, Babydoll falls down a series of bizarre, action-packed fantasy sequences that incorporated everything from science fiction to medieval fantasy. Sucker Punch barely out-grossed its $82 million budget and was widely panned by critics.

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After Snyder said that the director’s cut of Sucker Punch was very different from the theatrical release, some fans have tried to start a new online campaign to get Snyder’s vision released. That effort now has some big-name supporters in Sucker Punch stars Jena Malone and Abbie Cornish. Malone posted a Tweet Monday that simply read, “#ReleaseTheSnyderPunch,” and Cornish seconded the sentiment in an Instagram story (reposted to Twitter by user Las_Vengeance). From the sound of it, some of Sucker Punch’s actors want to see the Snyder Cut as badly as the director’s fans.

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Will a Snyder Cut of Sucker Punch actually come out? It’s unlikely. There’s far less of an audience for such a cut than there was for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, making the money and effort necessary to put it together a questionable proposition. Even with Snyder’s recent spike in fame, the marketability of a Sucker Punch director’s cut – depending on how different it actually is – doesn’t seem especially high.

If such a cut were to be released, it would likely be far less glamorous than the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Because Sucker Punch released a decade ago, a director’s cut would just mean reinstituting the scenes that were cut from the theatrical version and possibly doing some light audiovisual reworking. Snyder says the two versions would be very different though, so it’s possible that alone would be enough to constitute an interesting rerelease. It remains to be seen if the Sucker Punch Snyder Cut campaign will continue to gain traction.

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Source: Jena Malone/Abbie Cornish/Las_Vengeance

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