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Swamp Thing Might Look Like a Heartless Monster, but He’s Totally a Hero

Whereas the 2 characters share plenty of similarities, Swamp Factor is definitely magical. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is tremendous sturdy, can breathe underwater, and possesses some tremendous regenerative skills.

Swamp Factor’s skills are far more exhaustive. Not solely can he simply regrow severed limbs and trigger vegetation to develop just about wherever, he may also transport his consciousness to any vegetable matter.

That is as a result of he’s a “chlorokinetic-transmorphic elemental entity [or an] Avatar of ‘The Inexperienced,'” which implies he is some of the highly effective beings within the DC universe. So long as there’s vegetation current, he can’t be killed, that means that the one approach Superman may ever destroy him is that if he obliterates the whole planet.

What’s extra is that his powers even prolong themselves to alien vegetation as nicely. To not reference Superman once more, however as soon as, a Kryptonian plant had wounded the hero and Swamp Factor was in a position to remedy him as a consequence of his reference to all vegetative life. 

Swamp Factor can also be half of the present Justice League Darkish line up, which is comprised of Marvel Girl, Detective Chimp, Man-Bat, and Zatanna, together with the nice inexperienced monster.

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